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Foil is perfect for recycling

Warwickshire Waste Partnership has launched its ‘Aerofoil’ awareness initiative as part of the county’s campaign for residents to ‘Slim Your Bin’.

The Aerofoil campaign has been funded by industry regulator Alupro to encourage households to recycle aerosol cans and foil containers in their kerbside recycling collection.

Cllr Helen Walton, Warwickshire County Council’s waste management spokesperson, said: "People often recycle cans and tins but often do not think about recycling aerosols and foil containers. The average household uses 27 aerosols and 182 foil trays every year, and these can all be easily recycled in Warwickshire through the kerbside recycling collection.

"We need to send less waste to landfill and the only way to achieve this is for people to make full use of their recycling collections and throw less waste away."

The aluminium and steel used in foil containers can be recycled endlessly without losing quality, so it is a really effective way for households to help reduce carbon emissions, save energy and ease the pressure on landfill sites.

Here are some simple tips:

Ensure that your aerosol is completely used up before you put it in the recycling bin.

Do not pierce, crush or flatten the aerosol before recycling.

Detach any loose or easily removable parts, such as the plastic lid, and dispose of them with the rest of your rubbish. Don’t worry about removing the plastic nozzle – this will be removed during the recycling process.

Aerosols can be found all over the house, including the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom – so remember to leave no stone unturned! Clean aluminium foil can also be recycled, such as take-away trays, pie and quiche cases and oven-ready meal trays.

However, not all products that appear to be aluminium foil are recyclable. For example, some crisp packets can look like aluminium, but they are actually made from metallised plastic and cannot be recycled.

To check if a foil container is aluminium, put it through a ‘scrunch’ test. Simply scrunch the item in your fist, then release your grip. If the foil has stayed scrunched, then it is aluminium, and can be recycled. If it pops out into its original form, it is not aluminium and should be put in with your rubbish, not in with your recycling.

Stratford District Council If you would like more information on how to recycle using your kerbside scheme, please log onto www.stratford.gov.uk or call 01789 267 575.

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