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Foldable Ortus from Schoeller Arca Systems

Schoeller Arca Systems, Europe's leading returnable packaging manufacturer, introduces the new Ortus plastic container range. These foldable crates conserve up to 70% of valuable space when empty and are highly efficient to transport and store, leading to significant cost savings. Ortus compliments Schoeller Arca Systems' existing foldable containers, which include Prelog and Magnum.

Available in three sizes, Ortus is suitable for use in agriculture, food processing and retail. The larger 600 x 400 x 180mm version will be popular with retailers for transporting fresh fruit and vegetables. Its perforated base and sides allow air to circulate round the products, keeping them fresh. Ortus doubles as a retail display case, so goods can travel straight to the shelves, cutting transport, packaging and handling costs.

Ortus' plastic construction makes it reusable, returnable and recyclable. It is easy to clean, does not rust and resists moisture, fat and some acids, solvents and chemicals, making it safe and hygienic. Ortus is light, yet strong and durable. This means it withstands rough treatment.

Stackable, Ortus features comfortable, ergonomic handles on all four sides. Users grasp them in a palm-up or palm-down position, facilitating easy handling of the crate and reducing the risk of fatigue or injuries. Ortus is compatible with dollies, conveyors and other warehouse equipment.

Russell Smith, Business Development Manager at Schoeller Arca Systems, is delighted to introduce the product to UK customers; “Wasted transit space on return journeys costs companies thousands of pounds every year. By providing an efficient means of transportation, Ortus helps reduce these losses. Plastic is a highly effective, hygienic packaging material that is growing in popularity. It helps improve handling efficiency and reduces costs.”

For more information visit www.schoellerarcasystems.co.uk.

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