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Food to animal feed operator SugaRich, uses Oldbury trailer and hook lift systems

SugaRich, the UK’s leading ‘surplus food to animal feed’ operator, is using bespoke Oldbury trailer and hook-lift systems to streamline its bulk container turnaround schedules. The systems are delivering significant benefits, particularly on high density, maximum weight applications, such as surplus bread from large, high volume bakeries.

By using maximum weight 44-tonne gtw capable tractor unit and articulated trailer combinations – with single, high capacity compactor bins, SugaRich has been able to halve collection turnaround times, whilst also gaining additional payload. The configuration also improves manoeuvrability in confined loading areas compared with alternative rig options, such as rigid prime movers and drawbar trailers.

SugaRich already operates a number of Oldbury trailers on its high-capacity, roro skip services and has relocated its latest unit into the London area to couple with a new 6×2 mid-lift Scania R484 LA tractor unit. Oldbury UK specialises in bespoke design and build of semi-trailers and drawbar units for bespoke applications.

The Oldbury design base trailer is a tri-axle configuration on SAF running gear, with a lifting first axle. The chassis frame uses deep ‘I’ section main rails, stepped to a low profile neck forward of the landing legs. The hook-lift system is based on a Cayvol Multivol MV-30/90, with additional applications engineering by Oldbury – to provide a lifting capacity of up to 30,000 kg. The frame incorporates an independently operated hydraulic rear vertical stabiliser roller and can accommodate container lengths between 5800mm and 9000mm. Units are secured with a dual width hydraulic container locking system.

Hydraulic power is provided from a gearbox pto-driven pack on the tractor unit and engaging the hook-lift system automatically triggers a dump of suspension air for additional stability during loading. Other features on the trailer include EBS with electronic anti-roll and a trailer information module (TIM). On-board weighing information and vehicle tracking is relayed direct within SugaRich’s fleet management system and to key personnel via Blackberries. The rig complete is designed to operate at 44 tonnes gtw, with an effective payload allowance of over 23 tonnes.

SugaRich operates from facilities in Liverpool, Falkirk, Castle Eaden, Bristol and Hertford – and its 50-acre site in Brackley, Northamptonshire, which encompasses the UK’s largest agricultural dryer. It also uses a satellite depot in Selby, Yorkshire, which provides strategic storage capacity for product during the winter months. The company’s fleet is split between articulated tractor/trailer combinations and rigids.

SugaRich Commercial Manager, Paul Featherstone says, "Our operation has to embrace the culture and demanding standards of both the food and feed industries. Compliance is the watchword and what we do is an intrinsic part of both the food chain and recycling. It also helps our customers to meet their environmental obligations and their green agenda objectives. Over 85% of our volume goes to feed compounders and the control and quality standards to which we operate are fully integrated with those within the food chain."

Oldbury Managing Director, Richard Skan says, "SugaRich is a good example of a specialised operation where Oldbury has been able to design and engineer a bespoke transport solution which precisely matches the customer fleet requirement. Schedules and turnarounds are time critical and important considerations such as speed, safety and security have to be designed-in to the equipment at the outset. This is difficult, if not impossible with a standard off-the-shelf product."

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