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Forbo Bonding Systems introduces new low temperature packaging hot melt adhesive

Forbo Bonding Systems’ new swifttherm advantage 7733 packaging hot melt adhesive has a low application temperature of around 100°C. As a result, it offers:

Reduced downtime due to fewer blockages.

Reduced expenditure on replacement pumps, hoses, nozzles, etc.

Reduced energy costs because less heat is required.

Reduced risk of severe burns to operators.

Reduced workplace odour.

Moreover, swifttherm advantage 7733 is based on innovative technology that offers additional benefits when compared to traditional EVA-based hot melts:

Excellent adhesion across a wide operating window of around minus 25°C to +40°C.

Higher mileage, reducing costs further.

In addition, swift®therm advantage 7733 has been tested on a wide range of boards and has proven itself to be an extremely versatile adhesive for packaging applications. And because there are no "tie-ins" to specific application equipment, you can start using it on your existing appropriate equipment right away to achieve immediate benefits.

swifttherm advantage 7733 is one of a new range of high-performance, low-temperature hot melt adhesives from Forbo Bonding Systems.

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