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Foreign drivers lack of knowledge causes crashes

Leading risk management company has a ready-made fix. Foreign truck drivers using UK roads are now responsible for a disproportionate number of on-road collisions, a fact that should be sending a shudder down the corporate spine of any British organisation whose supply chain is heavily dependant on overseas nationals.

According to the Association of British Insurers, the number of crashes caused by foreign-registered vehicles has risen by a staggering 47% in the past five years and the respected industry body believes that the 45 key differences between British and other European countries' road laws and testing regimes are largely responsible.

“Although driver awareness and general aptitude are clearly fundamental requirements,” says Drive & Survive's Head of Training, Mark Edwards, “truck drivers clearly need to understand the UK rules of the road and this appears to be the fundamental problem. They may well be legally entitled to use our roads but too many foreign drivers are just not well prepared enough when it comes to understanding signs, road markings, restrictions and speed limits.

“Dealing with this issue should not be down to the driver and the driver alone. British businesses have a moral responsibility for the conduct of those drivers that form part of the supply chain and, as part of their corporate social responsibility, should be requiring that their suppliers equip their drivers to perform their tasks as safely as possible on British soil.”

Drive & Survive, a leading business driver risk management specialist, believes it has an answer to at least part of the problem – a UK Driver Familiarisation distance learning course that can be accessed online or via a CD tutorial.

The Drive & Survive product is not just a re-hash of the Highway Code. Although all the basics are there, the course also touches on some of cultural differences between the countries, such as the attitude towards giving way to pedestrians on crossings, the general unacceptability of illegal parking and reaction to police intervention.

Mindful that the target audience will, in the main, be experienced drivers, the information is portrayed in an easy-to-digest yet non patronising fashion, with extensive use of visual imagery.

For more information please contact Drive & Survive Sales Support on 0870 1218339 or email to enquiries@drivesurvive.co.uk .

20 road users a week are killed in incidents involving 'at-work drivers'.

Driving is officially the most dangerous activity in the UK workplace.

In excess of 50,000 'at-work drivers' completed some form of Drive & Survive online remedial training or assessment in 2006.
Drive & Survive is a founding member of the Fleet Safety Association and an active member of the Association of Car Fleet Operators.
Drive & Survive is part of the IAM, Britain's leading provider of advanced driver training.

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