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Fork Lift Truck Association, FLTA clears up wear and tear confusion for fork lift truck hire

The Fork Lift Truck Association – the UK’s leading authority on the use of fork lift trucks – has produced a new booklet which defines the term ‘fair wear and tear’ in relation to fork lift trucks.

The Fair Wear and Tear? guide, which is exclusively available through FLTA Members, explains to hire customers – and their dealers – what is and is not acceptable as wear and tear when a truck is returned at the end of a hire period.

FLTA chief executive David Ellison said: "We are all aware of what is expected when we hire or lease cars. We’re aware – right down to returning it with a full tank of fuel – of any costs which will need to be paid.
"There is a great deal of confusion, however, over what is expected at the end of a fork lift truck contract. There is a temptation to think that a fork lift truck is just a lump of steel which is immune to bumps and bangs.
"Certainly, it is designed as a workhorse and will take a bit more punishment than a family saloon. But if it does get damaged, it can cost a lot more than you would imagine."

Replacing a seat can cost several hundred pounds, while damage to a safety structure, such as the overhead guard, can cost several thousands.
David continues "So it is in your best interest to properly look after your fork lift truck."

The easy-to-read 32-page booklet clearly outlines dealer expectations when a truck is returned at the end of a hire period.

More than 50 real-world examples help illustrate the types of damage which are unacceptable, such as damaged tyres, torn canopies and buckled backrests.
Designed to help customers and dealers reach an amicable agreement about which repairs are the customer’s responsibility at the end of the contract, the guide also advises on next steps in case of end-of-contract disputes.

Additional information about the Fork Lift Truck Association and its activities can be found by visiting www.fork-truck.org.uk or calling 01256 381441.

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