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Fork lift truck safety

Q.What is the minimum legal age to drive a fork lift truck?
A.If you're not 100% sure, read on…


FLTA Fact sheets provide independent, high quality fork lift advice

Finding quality information on fork lift trucks can be a minefield. Where do you turn for accurate, authoritative advice on legislation, best practice and safe operations? The answer is www.fork-truck.org.uk.

The Fork Lift Truck Association has recognised that many fork lift truck operators have no obvious source of accurate up-to-date advice… so has developed a free practical resource which can be accessed 24 hours a day.

As the largest and most authoritative organisation in the fork lift truck industry, the FLTA responds to a constant stream of requests for information on how to use fork lift trucks legally and safely. Now, to make the process faster and more convenient, it has gone a step further and put the answers at users' fingertips, any time of the day or night.

The Association is creating an online library of fact sheets that address the most important and frequently asked questions. The definitive answers are organised on the FLTA website www.fork-truck.org.uk, under user-friendly headings such as operator selection and training, maintenance, thorough examination etc.

The first batch of fact sheets is available for download now, solving dilemmas such as: 'What is the maximum gradient for a fork lift truck?' 'What is the minimum age for operating fork lift trucks?' and 'How long does a fork lift driver's licence last?' Additional fact sheets will be added regularly, based upon user feedback.

FLTA Chief Executive David Ellison comments: “For the resource to be useful, it's important to know exactly what advice users need. We therefore urge people to get in touch via the request form on the website, to enable us to build upon this important new source of essential information.”

The sheets have many practical applications; indeed they are so accessible that they can be printed off and carried around by engineers and salespeople to hand out to truck users as required.

Paul Nichol, Chairman of the FLTA, adds: “This innovative resource is part of our drive to put as much useful and relevant information online as we can, to provide truck users and members of the public alike with a convenient and authoritative first point of contact. Its new, improved accessibility makes this an immensely practical tool for those that operate fork lift trucks and require instant, reliable information on safety and legal issues.”

“As the library of fact sheets will be continuously expanded and updated, users can be confident it will always be fully up to date with the latest legal requirements and best practice.”

The FLTA can be contacted by calling 01256 381441, emailing mail@fork-truck.org.uk or writing to the Fork Lift Truck Association, Manor Farm Buildings, Lasham, Alton, Hants, GU34 5SL.

Test Your Fork Lift Knowledge

Could you benefit from checking the FLTA's Fact Sheet library? Find out with our quick quiz…

What is the minimum legal age for operating a fork lift truck (not on a dock)?
A) 17, same as a car
B) School leaving age
C) There is no set minimum age, just training standards

What is the maximum gradient for using a fork lift truck?
A) 12.5%, as per workplace design guidance
B) No gradient is totally safe, but most will cope with 5% –check the spec sheet
C) 25% forwards or backwards, 12.5% sideways

Is insurance, registration and tax needed to use a truck on a public road?
A) Yes, unless you're just loading, unloading or crossing the road
B) Yes, always
C) Only if you're travelling more than 1000 yards

Is it against the law to use a mobile telephone whilst operating a fork lift truck?
A) No, it's perfectly fine
B) There's no specific law against it, but it's extremely bad practice
C) Yes, it's covered by the same legislation as cars and vans

How long does a fork lift truck driver's licence last
A) It must be renewed every five years
B) There's no such thing as a fork lift truck driver's licence!
C) Until normal UK retirement age.

Important: If you didn't quickly and confidently answer “B” to ALL of the above questions, you should urgently consult the FLTA's Fact Sheet library at www.fork-truck.org.uk… Or consider registering for its Safe User Group. Call the Fork Lift Truck Association on 01256 381441 for more details.

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