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Forklift chain stays rust-free for longer

FB Chain the Hertfordshire-based supplier of leaf chain to the materials handling industry – is offering a range of corrosion resistant leaf chain that in typical applications will remain rust free for at least six years.

Branded SuperShield, the chain is particularly suitable for use with forklift trucks and other materials handling products operating in harsh outdoor environments or where regular washing down of the equipment is involved.

During tests designed to simulate a highly corrosive atmosphere, the SuperShield chain remained rust free for over 600 hours – the equivalent to six years of operating time in normal conditions. During the same tests, ‘standard ‘ untreated chain began to rust after 12 hours while Zinc-plated chain developed signs of corrosion after 70 hours.

Forklift chain that exhibits signs of rust should always be replaced. Failure to do so can lead to chain failure, which, in turn, often results in damage to the load, the truck itself and personnel.

SuperShield chain goes through a three stage corrosion protection process: the chain is pre-treated before a protective coating is applied. Once the first coating is cured a second ‘top’ coat is added. The absence of acids or electrolysis in the coating process assures freedom from hydrogen embrittlement, which is known for causing cracking problems with zinc plated chain. Also, unlike stainless steel and zinc plated chain, there is no reduction in breaking strength.

Importantly, once fitted, SuperShield only requires the same lubrication and maintenance procedures as other chain.

"If you have a forklift that works outside, in a harsh environment or is being regularly washed down, SuperShield corrosion resistant leaf chain will save you lots of time and money replacing rusty chain," says Peter Church, managing director of FB Chain.

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