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Forklift Fleet Management company Transmon Engineering log specific data from forktruck operations

Transmon Engineering has made forklift fleet management even more personal by incorporating extra ‘human elements’ to its series of fleet management systems. However, can detailed analysis of forklift drivers’ actions really improve the performance of an operation?

Many businesses use Transmon Engineering’s fleet management systems to help effectively manage and optimise the use of their forklift truck fleets.

Typical systems are fitted directly to individual forklift trucks to log specific data during each shift, such as the truck’s operational hours and movements or any impact that occurs.

Transmon has recently enhanced its offering to get more data from the drivers themselves who directly affect the way the equipment is used. Perhaps the most notable addition is the driver’s daily check list and acceptance feature on their TDS5. This system relies on the operator to carry out the necessary checks (such as oil, brakes and lift chains) and enter the data, in order to enable the truck’s ignition. This ensures the truck is in a safe working condition before the shift starts and will help identify problems before they arise and become too costly.

"A good fleet management system in place can ensure that operations run efficiently and that forklift use is optimised according to the contracted hours" says Paul Sercombe of Transmon Engineering. "But it is also important to remember the impact the operators themselves have on the operation. By incorporating staff procedures, such as daily checks, a fleet management system can enhance the efficiency of the overall operation and increase the level of safety."

Access control is offered by both the TDS1 and the TDS5, using either keypad PIN entry or RFID card or fob technology, giving operations managers the peace of mind that only qualified operators can use a vehicle and offering driver accountability throughout a shift. A digital impact sensor monitor provides further accountability and enhanced levels of safety with a truck timeout feature, triggered on impact. This can make drivers operate with greater care and attention leading to reduced accidental damage to equipment and stock.

Managers can also program retraining dates into either the TDS5 or TDS1 system, and thanks to the automatic truck lock out feature, only drivers with valid, up-to-date qualifications are able to access the trucks’ ignition.

"Communication between operations managers and operators is vital in a smooth running and efficient operation" adds Paul, explaining that Transmon has developed a text messaging facility that provides a job messaging service.

This enables two way full communications, while maintaining complete central control. Operations Managers also have access to real time information and can receive alerts via email.

To further aid the operation, the data captured by the TDS5 and the TDS1 is straightforward for the operator to transfer, view and analyse, with the option to use Bluetooth manual download or wireless WiFi RF automatic technology.

"By considering the human elements that affect a materials handling operation and providing preventative measures as well as tools to help the operators, a forklift fleet can be effectively managed, to ensure a safer and more efficient working environment" adds Paul.

Transmon’s fleet management systems are utilised across some of the largest forklift truck fleets in the world, providing management information, and helping companies to manage materials handling operations more effectively.

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