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Forklift Manufacturer Crown introduce FlexRide floating operator suspension system

Crown’s weight-adjustable FlexRideTM platform improves operator comfort and productivity – and this is what they say after their first experience with it.

Crown’s revolutionary new FlexRide floating operator suspension system is fitted to two of the company’s new lift truck lines: the WT 3000 series of powered pallet trucks and the RC 5500 series of stand-up counterbalanced trucks. The FlexRide system minimises the impact of shock and vibration on operators standing on truck platforms, while at the same time maximising stability and comfort. The system includes a patented weight adjustment feature that allows operators to adjust the suspension to suit their own individual bodyweight, for even greater comfort.

Crown is the only lift truck manufacturer to have developed a suspension system that allows truck operators to adjust the degree of shock absorption for themselves. Thanks to the weight-adjustable FlexRide platform, operators get tired less quickly, so they can work more productively for longer.

One small lever, one big effect
Crown’s WT 3000 and RC 5500 Series trucks are widely used to load and unload lorries and goods vehicles. During a shift, lift truck operators must travel to and fro across loading docks and door sills – over and over again. Nothing puts greater stress on operators standing on truck platforms than the repeated impact of shocks and vibrations as they cross uneven floors, door sills and dock plates. Without effective suspension, operators are obliged to brake every time they approach a loading ramp. This has a cumulative negative effect on their efficiency.

Crown’s engineers were therefore determined to develop a shock-absorbing suspension system that could be adjusted to the individual needs of warehouse employees. This presented a significant challenge: to devise a suspension system capable of providing a higher standard of comfort for lift truck operators of varying size and weight. The weight-adjustable FlexRide platform is the successful outcome of the development team’s efforts. The system allows operators to adjust the firmness of the suspension to suit their individual preference. An operator weighing 55 kg will be as comfortable driving a truck with built-in FlexRide suspension as a colleague weighing 125 kg. One small lever is all it takes to create the perfect driving experience.

Working comfortably from one end of the shift to the other – through ergonomic design.

When developing lift trucks, Crown gives ergonomics top priority, because comfortable, less stressed operators work more efficiently in the warehouse. The weight-adjustable platform is one of the many technical innovations by Crown which focus entirely on the needs of vehicle operators and the efficiency of the material handling workflow. It is an example of Crown’s ongoing committment to operator-oriented design. Long before actual development work starts on any product, Crown engineers conduct intensive research and analysis on customers’ premises to understand the application issues. During the development process Crown works in close collaboration with customers to gain further feedback, making a significant contribution to the final production model.

Just climbing into a Crown lift truck is enough to show how much attention is paid to the ergonomic detail: the low step on the WT 3000 and RC 5500 Series makes it easier for drivers to step in and out of the truck during a shift, which means they can work faster and more efficiently. Further highlights of Crown’s stand-up design include soft touch points with shock-absorbing padding, a contoured design and unrivalled workspace. Electronic steering which is standard on the RC 5500 and optional on the WT 3000 significantly reduces the effort required to handle heavy loads and offers a high level of responsiveness. This is further complimented by the intuitive controls of the X10 handle featured on the WT 3000 Series. Exceptional visibility for confident lift truck operation is achieved through the unique design geometry of the RC 5500 and the compact power unit of the WT 3000 Series.

It all adds up to more comfort, more productivity and and efficiency in the warehouse.

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