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Forklift manufacturer Jungheinrich, launches new electric pallet truck

Jungheinrich, who make more powered pallet trucks than any other European forklift manufacturer, have launched a new electric-powered pallet truck.

The pedestrian controlled EME 114 is a an extremely compact truck which, thanks to its extremely short (450mm) front section, can be easily manoeuvred, even in tight spaces.

Powered by two maintenance-free, 12 volt gel batteries, the truck can transport pallets and loads weighing well over a tonne. It is capable of travelling at five kilometres per hour and can climb gradients of up to eight percent (unladen) or five percent (laden).

In developing the new truck, Jungheinrich’s engineers also developed a tailored energy management system. The EME 114 comes with a built-in charger that can be plugged into any 13amp socket as standard.

Apart from an externally visible charge status display and a feature that automatically blocks unintentional start-up, the EME 114’s Jungheinrich energy management system also includes an integrated operating hour meter.

A great deal of thought has also gone in to safety and ergonomics: two support wheels located on both sides of the drive wheel make the truck very stable, while an ergonomically shaped tiller – which can be operated with both hands – ensures that the EME 114 is extremely easy to operate.

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