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Forklift truck attachment company B&B Attachments, announces the launch of second UK product exclusive

B&B Attachments, located in Northumberland, is the country’s leading supplier of forklift truck attachments. Earlier this year, B&B announced that they were providing the UK with KAUP GmbH’s Conveyer Belt Forks, a product which was previously unavailable in the UK. Now, in addition to this, the company has revealed that they will soon be launching a second KAUP product, the 2T156 Fork Positioner, which has only been finalised by KAUP this year:

B&B Attachments has been in operation since 1980. The company, which has attachment sales, hire and service department, alongside an in-house design team, is the sole distributer of KAUP GmbH’s products in the UK. KAUP, located in Aschaffenburg, Germany, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of forklift truck attachments, stationary equipment and container spreaders. The two companies have been working together since 1981.

Managing Director of B&B Attachments Mike Barton, explains more about Fork Positioners, and why they are essential to material handling:
"To offer a quick explanation, Fork Positioners move the forks on a truck either further apart or closer together, depending on the pallet that needs to be handled. This allows for the forklift driver to transport pallets of different sizes, without having to change the attachments in order to do so. I’ve worked in the attachment industry for 47 years, and have watched this type of product grow to be one of the most popular attachments in use today."

The new 2T156 will be launched at the Industrial Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) 2013. This event, which happens every three years, will take place from 19th-22nd March 2012. It is attended by 20,000 people from the logistics industry, where over 400 different organisations exhibit their products and services. B&B Attachments will showcase this newest product, alongside the KAUP Conveyer Belt Forks, Keg Clamp, Roll Clamp, and Triple Pallet handler. There will also be a Tygard Layermaster on the stand.

The 2T156, KAUP’s newest addition to the Fork Positioner family, is also the smallest of the series; suitable for quick, light-duty work. The sliding pads are greasable, allowing for a smooth transition between varying fork widths. Its side-shift cylinders are constructed with KAUP’s quick re-seal design, allowing for an easier, tool-free process when the product is serviced. The design of the internal hydraulic piping to the cylinders ensures that during operation the forks always move evenly together. For its size, this product has excellent residual capacity, handling heavy loads without suffering damage.

Mike Barton explains more about the advantages of this attachment:
"This product will maximise the productivity of the forklifts in use, as change in pallet size won’t require a new attachment. Removing the changeover time during operations will be of benefit financially, as it will allow more work to be completed in the same amount of time. Much more importantly however, the operative is off the workshop floor, so is automatically in a more risk-free position in terms of Health and Safety.

"With the flexibility and efficiency of this product, it promises to become a very cost- effective option for many organisations. I can’t wait to unveil it at IMHX 2013, and see the reaction of our customers first-hand."

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