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Forklift truck attachments company B&B Attachments launch OilQuick quick coupler system

The UK’s leading supplier of masts and forklift truck attachments, is
expanding its range of quick release systems with the launch of OilQuick Forklift a quick coupler system for forklift trucks that enables hydraulic attachments to be connected in just 15 seconds. Cost effective, OilQuick increases the flexibility, versatility and utilisation of forklift trucks thereby enabling companies to save costs.

Manufactured by Oilquick AB from Sweden and sold exclusively in the UK by
B&B Attachments, the patented OilQuick truck coupler system not only
connects mechanically, but also engages the hydraulic connections at the
same time. Comprising of a two-piece male/female unit, the system is quickly
and easily fitted with one component attached to the forklift and the other to
the attachment.

As the connection is made from the cab, there is no need for the operator to
attach the hydraulic hoses by hand. This not only improves health and safety
but also increases the utilisation of the forklift truck thereby providing better truck economy.

All types of hydraulic attachments can be changed using OilQuick including
fork positions and clamps. On sites where fork truck attachments have to be
changed several times a day, fitting the OilQuick coupling can result in fleet
reduction leading to cost savings on trucks and fuel.

The OilQuick OQT 850 is suitable for all forklift trucks of 3-9 ton capacity. The unit’s coupler brackets can either be hooked-on or integrated into the mast for optimum visibility and lifting capacity.

With the launch of OilQuick, B&B Attachments is offering forklift truck
operators a choice of two quick release systems. The company’s patented
PowerMount range is manufactured as a single unit, thereby improving
visibility. Less expensive than OilQuick it is not fully automatic and
necessitating the driver to attach the couplings manually which normally takes
30 seconds.

Commenting, John Lamberth, Operations Director of B&B Attachments says,
"Companies can choose whether they prefer the semi-automatic PowerMount
quick release system, which is fitted to the truck and uses the hooks on the
attachment to mount it or OilQuick which is fully automatic but dearer. Both
systems provide a much faster and safer way of changing attachments".

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