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Fortec on right road to strategy of being members' network of choice

Fortec on right road to strategy of being members’ network of choice

Fortec is on the right road to being its members’ network of choice, according to a survey carried out on behalf of the company.

More than 80 per cent of its members rate Fortec senior managers’ level of communication with members as ‘Excellent’, ‘Very good’ or ‘Good’ while the regional commercial managers also fared extremely well, with almost 90 per cent of members rating them favourably also.

The senior management’s speed of response to queries and their attitude was also praised with 85 per cent of members rating them favourably for their speed, and 92 per cent rating them favourably for their attitude.

The survey of Fortec’s 84-member national network was commissioned by Fortec and conducted by SurveyMonkey earlier this year. The results were revealed at a national meeting of members in Wakefield.

Members were asked their views on communication from Fortec. While the majority (48 per cent) replied they were unable to compare – largely because they had only ever been a member with Fortec (a unique selling point of Fortec and one which demonstrates its ability to nurture and develop its members) – 29 per cent rated the communication ‘A great deal better’, ‘Quite a bit better’ or ‘Somewhat better’.

The company’s member support team also fared well in the survey, with 85 per cent of members displaying satisfaction at their level of communication, 92 per cent praising their speed of response to queries and 88 per cent highlighting their attitude.

David Spong, Fortec’s Network Director, said: “The key to Fortec is working with the members to define our network together, deliver the highest quality and to ensure its ongoing growth and stability.

“We work together to manage outcomes and across the network there really is the ultimate respect between members.”

He added: “We have worked hard to harness the power of teamwork by reshaping the way we and our members work and increasing synergies between all sides of the business for the benefit of our members and customers.

“Going forward we will continue to build on everything we have achieved to date to ensure Fortec remains the network of choice, our volumes continue to grow and our customers continue to benefit from our excellent service levels.”

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