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Fortec toasts decades of success with members

Fortec toasts decades of success with members

Transport companies Grand Prix Express and Bridgetime Transport are toasting milestones with the Fortec Distribution Network.

Grand Prix Express, based in Colwyn Bay, has enjoyed 20 years of continued growth in its partnership with Fortec while Bridgetime has continued to grow over the past 10 years.

Russell Godwin, of Grand Prix Express, said Fortec’s flexible service and consistently high service levels were key to the fruitful relationship.

The cost effectiveness of Fortec membership, allowing Grand Prix Express to streamline operational outgoings and in turn pass those saving to customers, was also a key advantage.

Russell said: “In our time with Fortec pallets have become the new parcels and we have seen a marked growth in the market. People know they can move their items on a pallet more safely and with less handling. It’s cleaner. Small items don’t get lost and you can’t really lose a pallet.”

Ten years ago the company was delivering 34 pallets a day on behalf of Fortec. By 2012-13 that figure had increased to 67 daily and today that figure stands at between 90 and 100.

Cwmbran-based Bridgetime joined Fortec when it branched out into overnight pallets in 2007.

Robbie Evans, director and co-owner of the firm, said he and his colleagues had been novices to the overnight pallet industry at the point of joining Fortec.

But over the past ten years the company had shown continued steady growth. Whereas Fortec made up about 10 per cent of Bridgetime’s business at the end of its first year, today that figure has risen to 30 per cent and still continues to rise.

Robbie said: “There is no doubt the pallet networks in general have revolutionised the logistics industry in the UK.

“The market is more competitive – you have to make sure you provide a cost effective solution, but you also have to provide high levels of customer service.

“Through Fortec we are able to do just that, because it is an excellent network. We have never lost an overnight customer due to a lack of service. The service levels are consistently high.”


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