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Fortress Interlocks offers custom-build safety interlocking products

Fortress Interlocks offers customers bespoke products in addition to its fixed range of safety interlocking products. For unique applications Fortress has the flexibility to custom-build integrated interlocks to specifically meet customer safety access needs.

Safety interlocks are used to control access to enclosed areas until a safe condition has been achieved. Fortress offers a fixed range of amGard safety switches, mGard key interlocks and eGard access and control safety products. These products are modular in design, providing a vast number of configurations and their adaptability means that modules and features can constantly be added or removed depending on their function. Fortress Interlocks works with customers to develop the best system unique to their application.

Malcolm Sharp, Director of Fortress Interlocks Pty Ltd commented:

"Our strength in the marketplace has always been our ability to respond to customers’ needs quickly with solutions customised to the application. We are constantly adding more product variations to our portfolio to give our customers even more choice."

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