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Fortress Interlocks offers express despatch

Fortress Interlocks is now offering 3-5 day express despatch on engraved products in its mGard, amGard and eGard safety range.

amGard is a modular, heavy duty interlocking range that controls access to dangerous machinery. amGard has an extensive variety of access products that can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications and all head modules and actuators, electrical switching and locking modules, adaptors and option POD’s are included in the despatch offer.

mGard is Fortress’ premier range of mechanical trapped key products. Trapped key interlocking is a proven and tested method of safeguarding machinery or potentially dangerous areas. By trapping and releasing keys in a pre-determined order, safe working environments can be achieved. 3-5 day despatch is offered for mGard’s Door locks, power and control isolation products, and key exchange units.

All eGard modular components have 3-5 day despatch. eGard is a modular system that simply clips together and provides a vast number of options All eGard configurations can be easily connected to PLCs and mimic panels, or used on an AS-interface network and eGard is suitable for use in high risk applications.

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