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Four out of five fleet drivers leave franchise dealer to buy tyres at fast-fit, survey shows

Four out of five fleet drivers told by a franchise dealer they need new tyres subsequently head to a fast-fit to buy them, according to a new survey.

Research by epyx for the launch of its new TyreServe shows that dealers are leaking a worthwhile source of profit by not successfully retailing replacement tyres to fleets.

David Goodyear, commercial director at epyx, said that many franchise dealers had abdicated the tyre market to fast-fits but that it was certainly possible to win the business back.

He said: "Our research shows that dealers are identifying when fleet cars and vans need tyres but then, in around 80% of cases, immediately losing that business to fast-fits.

"The reasons for this are varied. For example, dealers don’t believe they can carry a sufficient selection of stock or that they will be able to compete on price.

"However, we have solved these issues with the introduction of TyreServe."

TyreServe is designed to help franchise dealers compete with fast-fits for fleet tyre business, providing a more convenient service for drivers and creating new profit opportunities for dealers.

David said: "Almost every franchise dealer in the country uses our 1link Service Network e-commerce platform for maintenance and so can easily start using TyreServe.

"By working to an agreed national price list using either stock provided by us through distributors or their own, they can start to retail tyres directly to fleets.

"This is not just an additional profit opportunity for dealers but a way of increasing service levels. Instead of visiting a franchise dealer and then a fast fit, the driver can have all their service and maintenance needs met at one location.

"The convenience factor of TyreServe is proving massively popular with fleets and their drivers. Of course, it also helps dealers to work towards the dealer holy grail of improved customer retention."

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