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FP International helps Toys R Us deliver toys across Europe

There’s nothing more fulfilling for the world’s largest toy retailer, Toys’R’Us, than making a child smile. Children of all ages enjoy the company’s huge product line in more than 35 countries. In Europe, more than 200 stores and country-based online shops reflect the company’s leading role. In order to ensure that toys are delivered quickly and safely, the company has relied on high-quality packaging solutions from FP International in Germany, Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland.

The world’s largest distributor of toys and baby products has been making dreams come true for children big and small since its launch in America in 1948 and the company has grown steadily ever since. This is particularly evident in European countries, where countless people either visit the 200+ stores to purchase multimedia, sports, outdoor and baby products or use the efficient country-specific online shops.

Dr Robert Wiegand, Marketing Director of Toys’R’Us said: "It’s fantastic to work for children and parents. Every Toys’R’Us employee does his part to provide the best possible service in price, product range, customer service and friendliness. This is why we work with strong partners who are on the same page and for whom a happy customer is the ultimate objective of their day-to-day work. Toys’R’Us achieves our goals in no small part thanks to the fact that products are reliably delivered. This is why the company counts on packaging specialists FP International and local suppliers such as Grasshoff Verpackungssysteme Maintal GmbH in Central Europe".

Fast delivery thanks to efficient procedures
Toys’R’Us E-Commerce Director, Thorsten Wilhelm, said: "Customer focus must be an essential aspect of a company’s mission statement in order to achieve longevity in the marketplace. This is why it is especially important to us that customers receive our products quickly and securely."

It is for this reason that FP International’s compact packing machine, the Mini Pak’R, is the Toys’R’Us chosen packing machine and now counts more than 41 machines in France alone. The machine is ready to use within one minute and produces five different types of air cushions exactly where and when they are needed. As the name suggests the Mini Pak’R machine is just 36cm long, 33cm wide, 28cm high and weighs only 6kg. Large areas normally used to store packaging materials can now be used for more value adding activities.

Elke Todt, Director of Industry Purchasing at Toys’R’Us, said: "The Mini Pak’R enables more efficient work processes because as soon as the desired roll is inserted, the machine automatically starts with the appropriate air filling. The little space marvel produces 7.5 metres of air cushion per minute. Thanks to the Mini-Pak’R, we can pack many packages in a short amount of time and put smiles on more children’s faces every day."

Securely packaged products that children love to unpack
Besides an efficient fast packing performance it is vital that the products arrive intact. In order to make sure that no child receives a damaged parcel, Toys’R’Us deliveries use Mini Pak’R air cushions. Marcus Unterhauser, Sales Representative and Client Manager for Toys’R’Us at suppliers Grasshoff explains: "The choice of packaging machine has been well worth it for the company, thanks to the cost-effective air cushions which enable the speciality retailer to quickly package and safely send products. In addition, air – enclosed in air cushions – fills the empty space in a package and protects the product from impact while barely increasing the weight of the package."

The distributor Grasshoff offers packing systems of all types and can already look back on a long-standing partnership with FP International.

Marcus Unterhauser said: "FP International’s packaging-solution products convinced us and our customers from the start. Thanks to their cooperative service and success-orientated way of working, we were able to quickly offer and deliver the right product to Toys’R’Us. We are delighted to be able to offer our customers with the best possible solutions thanks to this strong partnership."

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