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FP International introduces compact mini automatic delivery system

Leading European packaging solutions manufacturer FP International is introducing a compact and versatile mini automatic delivery system for its NOVUS and CELL-O air cushion inflating machines which saves space, time and effort and enables the user to increase profits by improving packaging productivity.

The robust, height-adjustable MINI-ADS system, which automatically supplies packaging materials to one or more packing stations, offers a fast, reliable and continuous supply of inflated air cushions. By doing this, it helps warehouse managers to dramatically increase output.

The MINI-ADS system provides exceptional flexibility, making it the perfect packaging solution for applications where space is an issue, such as small post rooms and crowded warehouses. This miniature version of FP International’s established and well-proven delivery system is simple to understand and use, and easily integrated into factory systems because it is flexible, versatile and modular.

Eliminating the need for manual in-house transportation of packaging materials, it operates on a standard 230V electricity supply. Other benefits of the system include:

• The system is space saving because it is particularly compact and there are no packaging machines direct at the packing table.
• Packaging materials are supplied on demand. The MINI-ADS pre-produces up to 1m³ of air cushion, so the user does not have to wait until the material is ready.

• A single MINI-ADS system can supply several pack stations due to multiple openings in the bin, reducing capital investment and speeding up the packing operation.
• The MINI-ADS can be easily moved to a different location.
• The MINI ADS has an ergonomic design and is in height adjustable.

Thanks to its small footprint (1,200mm x 960mm), its adjustable height (2,350mm to 2,700mm) and its ergonomic design, the MINI-ADS is versatile enough to be used over a conveyor belt or at a packaging table.

A highly accurate sensor ensures there is always enough packaging material available in the storage system and it is automatically replenished so the material will not run out.

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