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FP International launches superior PILLOW PAK air cushion film

PILLOW PAK air cushion film from leading European packaging solutions manufacturer FP International has been upgraded to significantly boost its performance and offer sustainable benefits for protective packaging.

PILLOW PAK film now achieves ‘Green Family’ standards, which means its sustainability is enhanced. The air cushion material is free from any toxics, hazardous or heavy metals and from manufacturing through usage to disposal, Green Family products are designed with the smallest possible carbon footprint in mind.

PILLOW PAK GREEN film is the ideal choice and offers benefits over many materials including bubble film, foam-in-place or paper. An example of this is where its light, compact and ergonomic characteristics deliver reduced transport, storage and handling costs.

PILLOW PAK GREEN inflates to 650mm allowing the user to protect large products. Its 26mm bubble height means the number of wraps required for product protection is reduced while still providing superior cushioning than standard bubble film.

The films’ outstanding cushioning properties and strength provides ultimate product protection. Its air transfer technology delivers enhanced air retention that safegaurds delicate products as well as offering excellent shelf life.

Also, unlike traditional bubble material, PILLOW PAK GREEN film does not pop and lose its cushioning. The film allows air to move between cells, providing superior product cushioning and protection, therefore reducing the possibility of damage to the packaged goods. It is a particularly easy material for the packer to handle.

Reusable and 100% recyclable PILLOW PAK GREEN contains at least 12% post-consumer recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This results in a 10% reduction in carbon emissions for raw materials, boosting the product’s ecological performance.

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