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Fragmented regulation undermines Governments green building agenda

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Jon Lovell, Head of Sustainability at Drivers Jonas, who authored the Aldersgate Group report and provided expert witness to the APUDG Inquiry, says: “The fact that a parliamentary committee and the Aldersgate Group are both publishing reports today calling on Government to seriously up its game on tackling the environmental impact of the built environment sends a really powerful message and reflects the urgency and severity of the challenge. It is also a sobering indication of the extent to which the current regulatory and fiscal framework is failing to address that challenge.”

In response to recent developments in the sector, Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group, said: “The house building slow down is releasing exactly the hard to come by skills to accelerate the greening of existing building stock, but the lack of drivers to grasp this opportunity is painful to see. Quick action is needed if we are to get the win-win-win of securing more jobs in the building sector, reducing energy costs for occupiers by green refurbishments, and leaving our building stock better suited for the low carbon economy of the future.”

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