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Fran ‘The MHW Warehouse Man’ puts the new Dr. Marten Gunaldo ST & Benham ST industrial footwear through their paces

Think of a great icon of the 1960’s, and it is certain that specific images probably, flash through your mind. You probably think of, the first steps on the Moon, Hendrix, Beatles and The Stones.

But you will probably forget, about the one, great, big, style, footprint that has stood the test of time for durability, and that is on a par historically, and quite equal in longevity to them all.

Always popular and still going from strength to strength, with over a 100 million units shifted to this day so far, and rising.

As Worn by Holy Popes, Spiritual Figureheads, & Rock Gods, and equally at home, on the streets, terraces, catwalk, stage, and primarily in the workplace.

Standing for comfort and attitude, this product has been casting a very long cultural shadow in Great Britain for over fifty years, and is as, instantly recognisable, as any Great British icon .

I am of course talking about the global phenomenon that are the ever, true, tried, trusted, and tested. Dr. Marten boots and shoes.

Times have moved rapidly on since the high watermarks of the “Swinging Sixties”, but enduring icons never go out of fashion, so Materials Handling World Magazine, are certainly proud to give the lowdown on the latest workplace footwear from Dr. Marten. Boot’s and shoes, so deeply ingrained in Britain’s collective consciousness, that they have no real equal.
So let’s “Doc and Roll”…..

Gunaldo ST Shoe.
The Gunaldo ST workplace shoe is chunky, and built from the ground up, with great grips, but still athletically lightweight in look and feel. Obviously for a company of Dr. Martens statue, this footwear incorporates all the, to be expected safety features as standard. Steel toe caps, anti-static and anti-slip properties, puncture resistant midsole, and a heat resistant Nitrile outsole that can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees centigrade. Five hole lace up, with industrial strength cords and a padded ankle collar, finished in black Nu buck and with a breathable mesh upper, means you are good to go straight from the box. One thing all Dr. Martens have had in common throughout the ages, and are rightly renowned for, is a desire for comfort. Undoubtedly the trademark AirWair TM safety cushion easily covers that option, and these shoes are very comfortable underfoot. The trademark, instantly recognisable yellow stich rounds out the industrial heavy duty look. This athletic footwear will be right at home in a warehouse or on a clean shop floor environment, But the S1P safety features means it is also good for on-site visits. Make no mistake; this footwear may look laid back, but it is, one tough workplace shoe.

Benham ST Hiker Boot.
If you’re a bit more “funky” and shoes in the workplace are not exactly your thing, then Dr. Martens can also offer you alternative safety footwear arrangements, in the shape of The Benham ST hiker. This high ankle boot, once again incorporates all the expected safety features that you, take for as read, from a boot manufacturer of good repute and standing. Once again steel toecaps provide good anti crush protection for the toes, and offer protection from a minimum of 200j impact and up to 15kn compression force and anti-static features mean that the boot will discharge static accumulation, between the shoe and the floor, and thus reducing and minimising against potential and extreme static build ups. Puncture resistant features within the soles protect against underfoot hazards, and are penetration resistant up to 1100N and are incorporated as standard. A combination of eyelets and D rings, hold the industrial strength laces in place. Breathable mesh uppers and the black Nu buck finish make the boot, flexible, comfortable and extremely durable wearing. The ubiquitous trademark yellow stitching and the AirWair TM heel loop are the expected finishing touches. All in all, this is a very reliable boot that looks good and is comfortable to wear.

Both the Gunaldo ST Shoe and Benham ST Hiker, are available for Autumn release 2014, and are priced at approximately £60 to £70 pounds. A very reasonable price to pay, for strong and lasting footwear protection with a very illustrious history.

By Francis Dove, for Materials Handling World Magazine

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