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Freeway announces Predictive Maintenance Advances at the ITT Hub

Freeway announces Predictive Maintenance Advances at the ITT Hub

Freeway Fleet Systems will be showcasing new developments in predictive fleet maintenance at the ITT Hub conference and Exhibition. Freeway will be demonstrating their latest asset management software that can now receive live data from vehicle sensors, using artificial intelligence (AI) to help predict and prevent problems with vehicles on the road.

Freeway’s new developments are a result of AI software advances and integration with onboard vehicle technology innovators Stratio and Wheely-Safe. In addition to this vehicle data, Freeway also pools data from multiple sources such as engineer and driver inspections, parts performance, fuel consumption, mileage and maintenance schedules. This ensures the fleet is kept running efficiently and in optimum condition, minimising downtime and costs.

ITT Hub takes place at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre 11-12 May 2022. An expanded indoor exhibition hall hosts the conference and topical feature Hubs, including the newest addition to the show, the Cold Chain Hub by TCS&D. Freeway will be exhibiting alongside Genie Insights, their partner in fleet and workshop technology and digitisation.

With data from a vehicle diagnostics and other sensors, Stratio uses AI to predict faults in key components. When integrated with Freeway, it provides crucial, real-time, information of on-the-road vehicle performance and condition. Wheely-Safe meanwhile detects problems with wheels and brakes, such loose nuts, overheating brakes and low tyre pressures; data that Freeway’s software also picks up automatically.

Freeway has also developed smart software that predicts the type and quantity of parts needed to maintain a fleet. Also using AI, the software works out future stock level requirements updating parts suppliers to automate stock replenishment and help eliminate out-of-stock occurrences. Freeway continually learns from historic data to create a more accurate predictive model.

Freeway provides an end-to-end solution so operators have a single system to handle the entire fleet management process, from scheduling service work, to managing defects and compliance, as well as stores and purchasing. The latest developments build on Freeway’s moves to improve workshop efficiency and productivity through the introduction of mobile devices.


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