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Freeway and Wheely-Safe integration improves vehicle safety

Freeway Fleet Systems has tied up with Wheely-Safe to integrate wheel security and tyre pressure monitoring into its fleet maintenance platform. The development adds vital intelligence to help improve the safety of vehicles by helping to prevent catastrophic wheel failures and excessive tyre degradation.

Wheely-Safe has designed the world’s first in-motion driver alert system for detecting the onset of wheel loss before detachment from commercial vehicles. If a wheel nut starts to loosen, a signal is transmitted to a display unit in the cab, alerting the driver to pull over.

Wheely-Safe also incorporates a heat sensor to detect brake and hub issues involving low or high temperatures to protect against the risk of fire. There is also an option of an inbuilt intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to help ensure fleets are running on tyres inflated to the optimum pressures – saving fuel and reducing tyre wear.

Wheely-Safe offers standalone and fully connected systems and Freeway can receive wheel and tyre pressure data from the wheel-fitted device either directly via a vehicle’s telematics or CAN bus, or wirelessly on return to the depot. The tyre pressure data can also be transmitted to a driver’s mobile phone for recording as part of the Freeway driver walk-around check app.

“Wheely-Safe adds crucial data to Freeway’s pool of vehicle maintenance data. It’s all the more important as Wheely-Safe picks up defects that are not that evident to the human eye and therefore are easily missed during driver first-use safety inspections,” says Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway. “Wheel loss is of course a particular worry but whether reducing this risk or identifying incorrect tyre pressures, Freeway is very much a system that helps operators improve safety whilst reducing unnecessary costs.”

Steve Jackson, Managing Director of Wheely-Safe, adds: “Our patented and multi award-winning technology offers a full suite of protection against major road safety issues that no single solution has ever tackled before.

“Many of the UK’s largest transport operators are already protecting their vehicles with Wheely-Safe and working with Freeway as one of the driving forces in the digitisation of fleet maintenance represents a perfect partnership for both of us.”


Freeway’s software is designed to improve asset management, compliance and fleet maintenance, working seamlessly across different platforms from on-premises server or cloud, with desktop and mobile interfaces. Uniquely Freeway’s software combines functionality of a number of different systems to provide a seamless solution incorporating fleet and asset management, maintenance and defect management, stores and stock control, purchasing and compliance. Freeway connects freely with other systems used in areas such as operations and accounts, allowing fleet operators to move to paperless digital working.

Freeway has recently become the system of choice by transport and bus operators in the UK, with growing success overseas in Ireland, Southern Africa, Singapore and Bahrain. Users include Gregory, McBurney, Bartrums, Suttons and Sons, Abbey Logistics and Stobart Energy, with bus operators including Tower Transit, trentbarton, Reading Bus, Nottingham City Transport, Abellio and Go Ahead. https://www.freewayfleet.com/


Wheely-Safe Ltd is a technology start-up founded in 2010 by two lifelong friends – Gary Thomas, a Director of his own transport compliance consultancy, and Gary Broadfield, a Director of Technology and serial inventor for a large Japanese electronics manufacturer. Together they brought the marriage of skills required to help solve wheel loss issues in the automotive sector, and to tackle the huge number of vehicles driving every day on under-inflated tyres. The early years of Wheely-Safe concentrated on attaining worldwide patent protection and technology small enough to fit near the wheels of all vehicle types, from cars and vans to trucks and trailers – with its first products launched into the market during 2018. www.wheely-safe.com

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