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Freeway Fleet Systems launches compliance auto integrator to ease Earned Recognition reporting

Freeway Fleet Systems launches compliance auto-integrator to ease Earned Recognition reporting

Freeway Fleet Systems has developed a handy tool to help fleet managers gather vehicle compliance data for electronic reporting. Using machine-learning technology, the system automates the collection of vehicle data held in different systems. It is designed to help transport operators of complex mixed fleets to compile and report compliance data, and it is in response to demands from fleet managers to simplify reporting for the DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme.

With the DVSA moving toward electronic reporting and initiatives such as Earned Recognition, operators are faced with gathering data from an array of different sources. Employing ‘intelligent learning’ technology to simplify integration between systems, Freeway Fleet Systems software promises to eliminate time-consuming data entry with automated data extraction and creation of compliance reports.

“Earned Recognition involves the provision of very straightforward summary data to DVSA. That in itself is relatively easy; the difficult part is getting the required data in the first place. In the case of large complex fleets in particular, it is unlikely all the data will come from a single fleet management system,” says Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway Fleet Systems.

System integration is normally associated with high cost, long time-scales and a level of inflexibility based on these expensive bespoke integrations. Freeway’s auto-learning system is designed to overcome this problem. When data is entered for the first time from a particular system, the system remembers the input field combination so the next time the data needs entering, it is entered automatically.

“To not be a burden, Earned Recognition needs to be backed by a quick, straightforward system and the compliance system integrations need to be under the control of the user. And they need to have flexibility at the point of use to define and map import fields as requirements change,” explains Tandy.

“Amongst users of Freeway’s software, we have haulage customers using Manpack Driver Inspections, we have bus operators using ticket machines to capture first use check and we have customers with fleets that are serviced by numerous third-parties who provide engineer inspections in a range of formats. The real challenge of Earned Recognition is integrating these many and various sources of data” comments Tandy.

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