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Freight Transport Association FTA Ireland appoints new Head of Policy to champion Irish logistics

FTA Ireland, a new multi-modal transport trade association for Ireland, has appointed Declan McKeon as its Head of Policy. Declan will ensure that the views and interests of FTA Ireland’s members – among them some of the country’s largest businesses – are expressed loudly and clearly.

Established by the Freight Transport Association as a response to industry’s need to improve the profile of logistics practices in the Republic of Ireland, FTA Ireland will give the Irish logistics industry a new opportunity to present their combined views on transport policy.

Declan McKeon, FTA Ireland’s newly-appointed Head of Policy, said:
"FTA Ireland represents an exciting and very real opportunity to better the industry’s image and improve the way in which the logistics sector operates by sharing best practice and ideas. By vocalising these ideas at the very highest level we can create a safer, more environmentally friendly and more efficient supply chain."

Declan is a dangerous goods specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the logistics sector. Before taking the mantle at FTA Ireland, Declan oversaw warehouse logistics for Coca-Cola Concentrate in Drogheda, Louth.

McKeon concluded:
"During my career I have come across companies that take their commitments to road safety very seriously. These same companies have a strong compulsion to differentiate themselves from those who take their adherence to transport regulations less seriously. My new role will enable me to help those companies achieve this aim.

"I am relishing the challenge of presenting the views of members to the Irish Government and other policy agencies, and I look forward to helping establish FTA Ireland as the undisputed voice for Irish logistics."

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