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Freight Transport Association FTA launch Transport Hub

Transport organisations will be afforded a louder voice and a more efficient way of getting their messages across to senior politicians at this year’s political party conferences with the launch of the Transport Hub, which is project managed by the Freight Transport Association (FTA).
The Transport Hub will enable its members to articulate their messages to maximum effect while avoiding unwanted timetable clashes in what is set to be a hectic conference season.

Michael Webb, FTA’s Public Affairs Manager, said:
"Party conference season is a time when everyone is vying for attention from the big political players and thanks to the recent election and an impending spending review the competition to be heard will be fierce. However, we shouldn’t allow the myriad voices in the transport community to drown one another out.

"Within the Transport Hub, all members will be afforded their time in the spotlight without fear of their messages being compromised by irksome timetable clashes."

The Transport Hub membership is growing all the time, and currently includes FTA, Kapsch, Association of British Travel Agents, Flying Matters, DHL and Airport Operators Association. It will see a series of interesting events held across all three conferences on a variety of topics from the economy and infrastructure to the future of aviation.

Webb concluded:
"The recent shift in our political landscape means it is crucial that transport organisations come together to remind politicians of the importance of what we do. Now is the time for the transport community to demonstrate its importance to the country’s economic recovery, regardless of modal or policy interests.

"Ahead of the spending review, everyone will be shouting to protect their piece of the pie. The important economic message of transport companies must get through, and Transport Hub can make this happen."

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