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Freight Transport Association FTA urges Politicians commit to the logistics sector

Politicians must commit to the logistics sector or risk consigning the UK to a future of under-achievement, says the Freight Transport Association (FTA). The leading transport trade body has today set out its manifesto calling for politicians to make five key commitments to secure a safer, greener and more prosperous future for the UK and its supply chain.

Jo Tanner of the FTA said:

"Logistics delivers our food, our medicine and even warms our homes. Its 2.3 million strong workforce contributes billions to the Treasury each year and modern society is not only enriched by our sophisticated global supply chain, but almost entirely dependent on it. Yet, too readily politicians will treat logistics as little more than a cash cow and fail to tap into the huge potential to save money, drive environmental efficiency and improve road safety.

"If politicians can engage with The Commitments, as laid out by FTA, then we will all reap some real benefits. After all, this is a sector that warrants being made a song and dance over."

The Commitments:

Invest in UK infrastructure
Work with us on carbon solutions
Amend the Highway Code
Respect commercial vehicles
Tackle truck crime

Investment in the UK’s infrastructure, which is top of FTA’s list, has both long-term and short-term benefits. As well as boosting the languishing construction industry, investing in a modernisation programme for the country’s transport networks will ensure that the UK is business-ready for years to come.

Tanner concluded:

"As we limp out of recession, it is more important than ever that the logistics sector is given political support at the highest level to not only improve how it runs, but also how it can profit the whole of society. We all want safer roads, greener business practices and a more efficient supply chain; it is time the powers that be started to listen more closely to the logistics sector to help make the UK all that it can be."

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