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Freight Transport Association FTA welcomes EU co modality plans

Freight Transport Association FTA has welcomed the EU Commissions The Future of European Transport Policy document as potentially good news for all modes of commercial transport in Europe.

Chris Yarsley, FTAs EU Affairs Manager, said

Freight’s interests are best served by a truly multi modal approach. A holistic approach to transport will not only serve the logistics sector better, but will also mean that businesses get optimal performance from their supply chains. We are pleased that the Commission seems to agree.

FTA has long supported the inter operability of road, rail, sea and air as the best means to achieve greater efficiency and improve environmental performance. The EU Commission’s communication document supports the ideal that freight should be able to choose the mode that best suits its needs.

The infrastructure planning needed to optimise freight flows will look to minimise external costs, such as congestion, pollution and noise. However, the crucial question of how future projects will be funded is still unresolved.

Yarsley concludes

A combination of public funding and user-charging is the method of funding advocated by the European Commission. Of course, there is understandable public support for the ‘polluter pays’ principle but there is also a strong argument from the industry that transport already contributes via taxes, tolls and charges.

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