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Freightliner & British Steel collaboration success

Freightliner & British Steel collaboration success

During 2016, Freightliner was awarded the contract for British Steel’s rail haulage of raw materials to Scunthorpe Steelworks.

Since then, teams from Freightliner and British Steel’s Immingham Bulk Terminal and Ore Blending Plant have collaborated to improve the process flow, removing a massive bottleneck in the last stage of the supply chain feeding the steelworks, resulting in a more efficient operation which meets British Steel’s demanding delivery schedule to keep the furnaces fed with ore and coal.

In order to achieve this, Freightliner consulted with British Steel to gain a thorough understanding of their precise requirements so that they could design a suitable train plan which has enabled British Steel to focus on producing steel as opposed to worrying about deliveries of raw materials.

“The hard work and close working relationship between the British Steel and Freightliner teams has paid dividends,” said Freightliner Commercial Director, David Israel. “As a result, we have delivered a more efficient train plan which has directly contributed to the on-going success of the British Steel brand.”

George Dyer, British Steel Manager, Ore Preparation Plant, said: “In the early part of 2016, the ore bed building process was stuck in a vicious cycle. They couldn’t be built to the planned size in enough time for making sinter, which meant each unfinished bed increased the potential for poor quality sinter; it also resulted in less time to build the next bed. It’s fantastic we’re now ahead of schedule.”

Iron ore and coal are the fundamental materials for the steelworks, with pressures on all businesses to control and maintain desired stock levels, flexibility and agility to react to markets or circumstances being crucial to the success of the operation.

Stuart Smith, British Steel Head of Logistics, Transport & Shipping said “It is very pleasing that the development and relationship built between all parties has led to significant improvement and reliability of services along with a renewed maintenance program regime that has increased utilisation of rolling stock and therefore consistency of service.”

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