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Freshening up rooms and bars no longer an odorous chore

(March 2008) With the smoking ban now firmly in place, the unsavoury side-effects and truths are becoming ever more apparent; namely – that smoke, despite its health risks, masked a multitude of unpleasant odours which are making a comeback in hotel rooms, bars and pubs across the country. Now, a new product is available to businesses, thanks to Environmental Biotech, that effectively vaporizes smells away.

Launched in July 2007 to coincide with the introduction of the smoking ban, Vaporize is specifically designed to eradicate lingering odours. The Vaporizer comes as a single release aerosol or fogger that the user simply places on the floor of the room to be cleansed, presses a button and exits for ten minutes. Upon returning, the odour is neutralised and the room is left smelling mountain fresh.

Vaporize works differently from air fresheners that dispense perfume to mask unpleasant smells. Its active ingredients are essential oils such as eucalyptus, which encapsulate noxious particulates and effectively render them odourless.

Already a proven hit with the nationwide hotelier, Premier Travel Inns – which has signed a contract with Environmental Biotech after its success in rigorous product comparison tests – the Vaporizer promises an effective club for hoteliers, landlords and other industries to have in the bag in the fight against nefarious niffs leftover in the lingering mustiness of smoky soft-furnishings or from the by-products of day to day & night to night bar and restaurant custom.

Aziz Tejpar, Managing Director, Environmental Biotech, said: “With the introduction of the regulations banning smoking, it has become increasingly important for bar, hotel, nightclub and restaurant owners, to keep their premises smelling clean. Unpleasant odours can be more than just an inconvenience; they are capable of creating a negative first impression and even losing an establishment its most loyal customers.”

Vaporize is being sold directly to large corporate customers, with an offer of a free trial in their premises. It can also be ordered directly from the Environmental Biotech web site, www.EnvironmentalBiotech.co.uk.
Vaporize is available in two sizes, 3oz and 6.25oz, the former being capable of de-odorising a room 20ft x 20ft, the latter 30ft x 30ft.

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