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FTA says logistics can help new Government deliver better Wales

FTA says logistics can help new Government deliver better Wales

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) says the newly-elected Welsh Government can deliver economic growth by working closely with the freight and logistics industry.

The Association today extended its congratulations to the Labour Party on its successful election, and also to all those elected to the new National Assembly for Wales.

FTA’s Head of Policy for Wales Ian Gallagher commented: “There are three things we think the new Government should deliver to help make Wales a better place to live and work.”

He said the Government should first introduce free-flowing tolling on the Severn Crossings to reduce pollution and delays, followed by a price reduction or abolition of the toll when the crossing returns to public ownership in 2018. This will reduce the tax on Welsh businesses trying to trade with English customers.

Secondly, the Government should deliver improved road infrastructure – especially the M4 and A55.

And thirdly it should increase support for utilising rail freight and alternative fuels for lorries and vans.

Mr Gallagher added: “The Government must remember how crucial logistics is to Wales. The country requires 250,000 tonnes of goods delivered every day by lorry just to keep functioning and to trade with the outside world – and even more is carried by trains, ships and vans.”

FTA will be seeking meetings with new Ministers and members of the new Welsh Assembly to ensure the need of Wales for logistics is understood.

FTA’s Welsh Elections 2016 Freight Manifesto outlining its priorities for the capital can be downloaded from http://www.fta.co.uk/_galleries/downloads/fta_councils/regional_freight_councils/wales/election-manifesto-2016-wales.pdf

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