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FTA supports including further construction vehicles in HGV regulatory regime

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has said today that it wants volumetric concrete mixers incorporated into the same regulatory framework as HGVs, adding that all vehicles operating on public roads should be subject to the same regulations.

FTA stated that it specifically supports the removal of the testing exemption for these types of vehicles, and opposes the Department for Transport consultation proposal to allow them to operate outside or in excess of ‘Construction and Use’ weight limits. The Association also said that it believes that these vehicles should be incorporated within the Operator Licencing requirements.

Christopher Snelling commented:
“FTA believes that in general if a vehicle is operating on the public roads and has the same risk profile as an HGV it should be subject to similar levels of regulation. We are working with our members in the construction logistics sector to try to improve road safety, especially that of cyclists. It is right that vehicles involved in this work, using public roads, should be incorporated into the regulatory regimes.”

The FTA has also stated that it believes regulation, used correctly, can be an effective and efficient tool for improving the road safety record of HGVs. Along with extensions of regulations to cover this type of heavy duty commercial vehicle, the Association wants to see increased targeted enforcement of vehicle and driver regulations in higher risk areas such as London – as regulations are of no use if they are flouted. Progressive improvement to regulation can deliver significant improvements. As proof of this, it is a fact that the number of HGVs involved in fatal incidents on Britain’s roads has halved in the last 12 years.

Mr Snelling concluded:
“Maximum improvement in road safety can never achieved by addressing just one set of road users, but we all have our part to play in reducing the number of injuries and fatalities on our roads. These improvements in regulation of large commercial vehicles that FTA is supporting here are part of what the freight industry believes is the best route to taking road safety forwards.

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