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Fuel costs still high on the agenda for nation’s hauliers

More and more hauliers are valuing their membership of pallet networks in a drive to cut fuel costs, according to a survey organised by Pall-Ex, the UK's leading pallet network.

Leicestershire based Pall-Ex commissioned the survey of its members in response to the increasing cost of fuel and the debate taking place in the industry on what measures the treasury could take in order to help hauliers.

The survey asked questions of the Pall-Ex network's 98 member hauliers, with the results offering a valuable insight into the current thinking of the industry.

In answer to the question concerning the measures people had taken to improve fuel economy, the respondents said that common fuel efficiency measures included: restricting vehicles to 53mph; increasing driver training and the use of more aero dynamic trailers, and of course putting more freight through the pallet network.

Another question asked: Fuel is often quoted at 40 per cent of operators' running costs. What percentage do fuel costs account for in your particular business?

The results revealed that 27 per cent of members thought that fuel costs represented 36-40 per cent of their running costs, while a further four per cent said that their fuel running costs exceeded this. Around 36 per cent stated that fuel costs were between 26-35 per cent of running costs.

In response to a question concerning alternatives to traditional fuels, 31 per cent of respondents said that they had considered alternatives such as bio-fuel, with other substitutes including gas conversions and electric collection and delivery vehicles.

Tony Mellor, Pall-Ex's commercial director, commented: “The survey gave us a snapshot of industry thinking and revealed that fuel is still very much at the top of many people's agendas. The survey also highlighted the fact that almost 70 per cent of members are having to increase their working hours significantly because of the current economic climate.

“We are increasingly finding that traditional hauliers, no matter what their size, are choosing to use Pall-Ex as a way of cutting fuel costs and running their operations much more cost-effectively.”

For more information about the multi-award-winning Pall-Ex, log on to www.pallex.com

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