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Fueltek Fuel Management Software is ready to put Fleet Managers in the driving seat

Online is the operative word. FMO software is different to traditional fuel
management software because it is a web browser based application. This means
that information can be more easily accessed, by accredited users, from any
location. All that is required is an Internet or company Intranet connection.

Good management is based on sound and timely information so FMO has been
engineered to be truly multi-user. Whether the manger is based at HQ, running a
depot or travelling in the UK or overseas they can easily access information and
make decisions. Depending on their personalised access and control profile they
can review and print reports, update information, monitor fuel stocks, view
vehicle performance, add or lock out drivers from the system and perform many
other key tasks.

The software works with Fueltek’s Fuel Access Control Terminal (FACT). The FACT
is given an Internet protocol (IP) address so that it becomes part of the
network. Communication between the FACT and host PC can be based on a company
Intranet or can use the Internet connection to the GPRS modem within the FACT.

Data on fuelling transactions, fuel stock levels and vehicle mileage is securely
transferred and only accessible via personalised passwords. The nominated
system administrator can allow full access or limited access depending on the
users position and information needs.

FMO has applications in haulage and logistics, passenger transport,
manufacturing, local authorities, emergency services and other organisations
that operate vehicle fleets. The software is equally useful in single site
operations with a handful of vehicles as it is for large organisations that have
hundreds of vehicles and scores of locations.

Managers can customise reports so that any activity that is outside the norm is
highlighted and can be investigated further. For example, the system can have
an inbuilt warning when fuel levels fall to a designated reorder position. This
warning is automatically relayed to the designated manager and will cascade
through the system to other managers if no action is taken. The system can even
send these notices via email or text messaging where required.

The software allows tasks such as fuel ordering, datatag programming or
exclusion to be delegated to managers at site level. To this extent the
software is empowering to both the local site manager and to the fleet manager
at HQ who is able to concentrate on core tasks.

FMO is easy to install and set up. It can be hosted by Fueltek and made
accessible to the end user without any components being installed on the end
users system. This off site hosting reduces any IT overheads to clients and
also frees their systems for other tasks making them faster and more reliable.
Alternatively, FMO can reside on the clients system if this is required.

The new FMO software provides the flexibility for transport operators to
customise and manage information streams for more timely and efficient decision
making and improved fleet operations.
Martin Devine
Tel. +44 (0)1254 291391 Fax +44 (0)1254 291 339
E-mail: info@fueltek.co.uk Web: www.fueltek.co.uk

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