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Fully Automatic two new core drilling unit from FEIN Industrial Power Tools

FEIN presents two new core drilling units for core drills of up to 80 millimetres

FEIN presents two new core drilling units for efficient and precise core drilling with a diameter of up to 80 millimetres: the FEIN KBM 80 U with manual drive and the FEIN KBM 80 auto with the first fully automatic, digitally controlled drill feed. These units guarantee constant drilling times and save time and money on big drilling jobs. They also deliver increased work safety as operators don’t have to manually intervene in the drilling process. The new FEIN core drilling units cover all applications such as core drilling, twist drilling, thread cutting, countersinking and reaming and are used in metal and steel construction as well as the construction of bridges, machines, ships and containers.

Cost-effective and precise core drilling

Compared with twist drilling, core drilling reduces working times by up to 40 percent and is therefore an extremely cost-effective drilling method. For more than 25 years, FEIN has been working in close collaboration with users to continually refine its core drilling units which are now renowned for their precision and reliability. All components – the drill motor, gearbox, drill jig and electronics -, are manufactured to a very high level of quality by FEIN in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau, Germany and are perfectly coordinated to one another. Special technical construction features, such as the drill motor housing in its sturdy barrel design, the gearbox housing and die-cast aluminium drill jig, alongside high-quality materials and modern production procedures guarantee a long service life for FEIN core drilling units, even when used continuously in industry and manual trades.

Core drilling unit with automatic drill feed

The FEIN KBM 80 auto is the first core drilling unit with fully automatic, digitally controlled drill feed. A zero-maintenance and reliable stepping motor operates at a constant feed force. Depending on material, core drilling diameter and work step, the intelligent electronics automatically control the drill motor speed and feed speed. This enables effective and constant work progress and also ensures low bit wear. The automatic drill feed starts when the handwheel is released. Once the material has been broken through, the rapid return action is automatically activated, the drill motor retracts from the drill hole and the tool automatically cuts out.

Operating comfort and safety

The "Viseo Touch Pad" operating element developed and patented by FEIN, which features in the FEIN KBM 80 core drilling units, is a great aid to users. The five large controls are located on top of the drill motor, where they can be clearly seen by the user and reduce the risk of incorrect operation. A LED display warns the operator if the magnetic holding force is insufficient. The automatic variant, the FEIN KBM 80 auto, must be operated by hand in such cases. Core bits can be quickly and easily replaced without the need for a wrench using the tool-free QuickIN MAX quick change system. The new core bit holder with polygon allows a higher torque to be transferred, resulting in a better transfer of force to the drill bit. Should the core bit be overloaded or jam in the drill hole, an integrated torque slipping clutch prevents the core drilling unit from moving around on the work top. A robust contact and swarf guard offers additional safety.

Automatic coolant supply

Both core drilling units are fitted with an automatic coolant supply. A fluid pump integrated in the drill jig pumps the coolant straight to the drill’s cutting points. Permanent cooling extends the tool life and allows the user to concentrate fully on the job in hand. Single-handed tool operation is therefore also possible.

Powerful yet with optimum power-to-weight ratio

The new FEIN KBM 80 U and KBM 80 auto core drilling units have a 2000 W high-performance motor and a mechanical three-speed gearbox. Weighing in at just 25 or 26 kg, they are amongst the lightest in their performance class. The core drilling units are equipped with a robust and precise double dove-tail guide with extremely large stroke range. Electronic speed reduction ensures an optimum cutting speed for drilling, thread cutting, reaming and countersinking. It reduces the speed in a continuously variable manner up to a maximum of 40 percent per mechanical reduction stage. During serial work requiring a reduced speed at all times, the memory function can be used to automatically activate the last speed used. A powerful triple coil electromagnet with a holding force of 18 000 newtons ensures optimum conversion of tool force into work effort. A fine adjustment option allows the tool to be aligned accurately when the magnetic foot is active.

The range includes a transport case with wheels for mobile use at any location. Thanks to its metal locks and reinforced hinges, this case is very robust and features a separate storage compartment with space for heavy accessories.

FEIN core drilling range for all common applications in manual trades and industry

The FEIN core drilling range now includes six different models – three assembly tools and three workshop tools – which are all specifically designed for certain areas of application, tasks and ways of working. The FEIN KBM 32 Q is a compact core drilling unit for 12 to 32 millimetre diameter installations and is perfectly suited to vertical and overhead work. The FEIN KBM 50 QX has a mechanical two-speed gearbox and covers diameters of up to 50 millimetres. The lightweight two-speed KBM 52 U is the right tool for universal work such as on-site core drilling, twist drilling, thread cutting, countersinking and reaming. The powerful FEIN KBM 65 Q and KBM 65 QF tools are designed for heavy-duty use in the workshop and drilling work up to 65 millimetres. The new FEIN KBM 80 U and KBM 80 auto core drilling units bring two three-speed tools for the workshop to the FEIN core drilling range and can operate with a core drill diameter of up to 80 millimetres.

Core bits and system accessories are also available for the FEIN core drilling units. The extensive range also includes long-life and powerful carbide core bits, HSS core bits that are extremely resistant to impact and shock and accessories for thread cutting. The FEIN core drilling system is perfectly thought-out and allows users to produce a perfect hole pattern with virtually no burr formation.

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