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GB Railfreight welcomes the Government’s HS2 Phase 2 announcement

GB Railfreight has welcomed the Government’s HS2 Phase 2 announcement on its intention to invest £32bn in much needed railway infrastructure.

The report details the proposed high-speed rail route north from Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester.

John Smith, GB Railfreight’s managing director, outlined what he saw as the key benefit to the rail freight sector. He said: "HS2 will free substantial capacity on the existing rail network, especially North East and North West from the East and West Midlands.

"This new route would give the rail freight sector the opportunity to grow business, removing thousands of lorry journeys from the roads each year.

"The sector already makes an important contribution to the smooth running of the country’s economy," he added. "Today’s announcement will, I am sure, act as a catalyst for discussion about support for the increasingly important role rail freight will play.

"We will work hard to ensure that workable plans are developed to ensure this capacity is released in practice."

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