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Genie GTH Telehandlers strike back

Stringently tested and proven performance
Professionals in the construction sector expect telehandlers to be reliable, durable and versatile. Rental companies also need to ensure that the machines they own will provide good returns and offer the right combination of Compact, High Reach and Rotating performance to cover their customers’ requirements. This is why the Genie team has mobilized its resources to develop a range of six new telehandlers. Each model offers the high quality and productivity that customers expect from Genie equipment to support their needs in the construction, waste handling, recycling, industrial and logistics sectors.

A new series featuring six models
On the product testing circuit at the Umbertide plant, these telehandlers have undergone stringent testing, day after day for hundreds of hours – the equivalent of 10 years’ operation in the jobsite environment. Today, the result is a range of six completely redesigned machines featuring updated engines, enhanced capabilities, improved serviceability, more interchangeable components and accessories, and enhanced styling.

Updated features, same Genie quality
From the Compact Genie® GTH™-2506 to the High Reach Genie® GTH™-4014 and Genie® GTH™-4018 or Rotating Genie® GTH™-4016 R, GTH™-4018 R and Genie® GTH™-5021 R, these telehandlers have been revised to combine:
– New capabilities: increased lifting heights, improved load lifting performance, increased manoeuvrability
and reinforced drivability over rough terrain.
– New serviceability: a series of innovations that make service and maintenance easier.
– New commonalities: more interchangeable components and accessories across the GTH™ telehandler
– New livery: the rugged new generation Genie look, to stay looking smarter for longer.
– New emissions standards: new Stage IIIA and IIIB engines according to local legislation.

Three categories adapted to specific applications: Compact, High Reach and Rotating
Providing a lifting height of up to 5.79 m (19 ft), a lifting capacity of 2.500 kg (5.511 lbs) and 2.000 kg (4.409 lbs) at maximum height, the Genie® GTH™-2506 compact telehandler combines exceptional capabilities with the benefits of a small footprint. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this machine is particularly well suited to perform a wide range of indoor and outdoor construction, renovation, masonry, landscaping and industrial tasks. Among its multiple new design features, its axles are notably equipped with double brake discs to combine the advantages of increased braking power with the durability required to operate for long hours in rough jobsite conditions.

Offering lifting heights of up to 13.57 m (44 ft) and 17.61 m (58 ft), a lifting capacity of 4.000 kg (8.817 lbs) and 3.000 kg (6.614 lbs) and 2.000 kg (4409 lbs) at maximum height, the Genie® GTH™-4014 and Genie® GTH™-4018 high reach telehandlers provide increased lifting performance on outriggers. The hydrostatic transmission and the new gearbox offer the benefits of high torque and high traction speeds. On the jobsite, their long reach, class-leading outside turning radius, overall machine width and excellent drivability, provide operators the ability to work more productively when performing construction tasks up to five or six floors high, or tasks such as masonry in congested and confined spaces.

Remarkably simple and intuitive to operate, the Genie® GTH™-4016 R, Genie® GTH™-4018 R and Genie® GTH™-5021 R rotating telehandlers offer the ability to rise to the challenges of jobsites that demand equipment with long reaching and heavy lifting capabilities. Thanks to their intuitive controls – that make these telehandlers among the simplest to operate on the market, operators are immediately confident and ready to set to work rapidly, whatever their level of experience. In addition to their ability to lift considerably heavy loads with or without stabilizers, their rotating turret makes positioning extremely simple, fast and precise. The three models of the Genie rotating telehandler family offer lifting heights from 15.42 m (50 ft 7 in) to 20.87 m (68 ft), lifting capacities from 4.000 kg (8.817 lbs) to 5.000 kg (11.022 lbs), and up to 2.000 kg (4.409 lbs) or 2500 kg (5511 lbs) at maximum height.

New spacious, ergonomic cab and highly intuitive controls
The new Genie telehandler series combines productivity with operator comfort.
The cab has been redesigned to include optional and standard features including an air suspension operator seat, improved joystick ergonomics, a tinted top view front window, a large glove box and manual holder inside the door, plus a repositioned air conditioning duct to optimize operator comfort. New control features include an electrically controlled parking brake, operated by an intuitive switch on the dashboard (instead of the previous manual hydraulic system under the seat) for increased braking efficiency. Focusing on jobsite safety, excellent visibility from inside the cab provides operators the wide field of vision they need. Finally, thanks to the upgraded overload system, the calibration process is much easier and faster.

New reinforced components that reduce cost of ownership
As part of its focus on improvement, the Genie team is continuously exploring creative new ways to increase return on investment and reduce cost of ownership. Based on feedback from customers, we have introduced several small yet innovative solutions to the GTH telehandler series that help reduce costs every day. To this effect, the machines now offer solutions to help minimize damage, such as rubber or steel mudguards, a toughened spring back and folding rear view mirror, and tough steel protected front and rear lights.

New simplified serviceability features to boost profitability
The Genie brand is known for products that are service-friendly, and these telehandlers are no different. Combining energy efficiency with ease of operation, all six models notably include innovative serviceability features that make maintenance and troubleshooting faster and easier. The manifold, the fuel tank, the radiator, filters and greasing points are all positioned within easy reach. Hydraulic boom greasing points are also simple to access. Even the engine covers are designed to open at just the right angle for comfortable access during inspections and maintenance.

Common components and accessories across the range for added value
The use of common components and accessories are a winning solution for construction professionals, operators, rental companies and manufactures alike. In addition to reducing storage costs, this approach is also beneficial in terms of operator and technical training. Whatever the Genie Compact, High Reach or Rotating telehandler model, the same training applies to improve productivity in the field. Optional extras such as the 12V charger, Track and Trace fleet management module, LED lights and Key Path Unlocking Device are also common to every model of the range.

Total confidence
Today, the entire Genie team is one hundred per cent confident in its new telehandler range. To this effect, all six new GTH telehandlers models are available for customers to try for themselves hands-on at the Umbertide plant.

Available now
The Genie® GTH™-2506 compact, GTH™-4014 and GTH™-4018 high reach telehandlers models are available now.

The Genie® GTH™-4016 R, GTH™-4018 R and GTH™-5021 R rotating telehandlers will be available with the latest EN 280 compliant man platform and accessories as from September 2015.

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