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Geodis gives green light to new contracts

Geodis UK's environmentally-friendly new distribution centre at Magna Park, Leicestershire, has achieved near-optimal results by reaching 80% utilisation within its first six months of operation, the logistics company revealed today. The new contracts highlight Geodis UK's reputation as one of the leading companies in its field, as well as one of the most innovative and forward thinking players in the logistics industry.

Geodis' new facility boasts an unrivalled level of efficiency in the administration of its operations, and the very latest in storage, distribution and security systems. Its central location near Lutterworth also enables access to prime transport links. The new facility is even more impressive, however, when the thought and consideration with which it has been planned becomes apparent and demonstrates the importance that purchasers of logistics services attach to green issues in today's marketplace.

Magna Park, was opened in June of last year following a 12 week build process. As environmental issues continue to dominate the logistics industry and the wider political landscape, the facility's impressively green pedigree underlines Geodis UK's commitment to reducing the company's impact on the environment. Every detail of the 110,000 sq ft warehouse has been planned to be as energy-efficient as possible, from the collection of rainwater for use in flushing toilets to the installation of sensor-controlled lighting.

The materials used in the construction of Magna Park have also been sourced painstakingly to ensure that the facility's carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. Organic paint and recycled carpets have been used throughout the site and the trees that surround the warehouse not only offset a proportion of the site's CO2 emissions, but also provide a barrier against noise pollution.

“In today's marketplace, the environment is consistently at the top of the business agenda and our decision to locate on Magna Park was very much guided by the importance that we, as a company, attach to environmental issues,” said Jamie Cuthbert, managing director of Geodis UK. “The success that Magna Park has achieved in such a short time shows that businesses from all market sectors share our desire to be as green as possible.

“Magna Park represents a triumph of the partnership between industry and environmental responsibility and is a fascinating example of what companies can achieve whilst still adhering to environmental principles. As an industry we have a responsibility to look for better ways to do business, whenever and wherever we can.”

Geodis Group is a global multi-modal, transport and logistics organisation, with a network covering 120 countries across the world.

Geodis offers bespoke solutions to clients through its core businesses of international distribution, logistics and multi-modal freight forwarding.

Ranked as one of the best-of-breed operators in Europe, Geodis employs almost 25,000 people across the world.

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