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George Osborne visits Midland’s logistics firm

Chancellor George Osborne has paid a special visit to a Midlands road haulage specialist to hear how the company has lowered its delivery prices following the recent fall in petrol prices.

Solihull-based AYS Logistics welcomed the Chancellor last week to discuss the effects that reducing oil and gas prices are having on the company. During the visit, Managing Director of AYS Logistics, Jane Weaver, explained how AYS has been able to reduce to NIL the fuel surcharge it normally has to add to its delivery charges to customers, at a time when some of the larger logistics providers have continued to levy this charge.

Jane Weaver explained: “Pump prices hitting nearly £1.50 per litre in March 2013 meant we had to put a fuel surcharge in place for our customers, which peaked at six per cent. The reduction in pump prices as a result of falling oil prices, combined with duty freezes on fuel, has now allowed us to remove any surcharge on our delivery services. This is having a positive effect for all our customers, both those in the SME market and the larger corporations we work with.”

Oil and gas prices have fallen rapidly in recent months. Since June 2014, global oil prices have been steadily falling from a high of $115 to just above $47, with some pumps in the Midlands passing on significantly low prices for the first time in years. AYS Logistics, which serves customers up and down the country, and which also has an international shipping service, has gradually brought down its fuel surcharge over the past 20 months, and has recently announced to customers that the surcharge for its own delivery services now stands at zero per cent.

Chancellor George Osborne commented: “My message is clear: oil prices have fallen and we expect that to be passed on to hardworking people at the pumps through their energy bills.

“I also want the backbone of Britain’s economy, our small businesses, to benefit from lower oil prices. That’s why I’m delighted that firms like AYS Logistics are already passing on the savings through lower delivery charges and I urge other firms to follow suit.”

AYS Logistics operates a fleet of vehicles, providing a delivery service seven days a week and 365 days a year, in addition to providing warehouse, storage and pick & dispatch services.

Jane Weaver added: “It was great to welcome Chancellor George Osborne to our warehouse last week and to discuss the positive effects that lowering pump prices will have on our business. We are always looking to pass any savings we make on to our customers and this promising fuel price reduction is enabling us to do just that.”

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