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Germany’s Chancellor Merkel on CeBIT 2016: Economies, administrations and societies changing “bit for bit”

The Chancellor of Germany, Dr. Angela Merkel, is expecting CeBIT 2016 to generate “major input for movers and shakers keen to succeed”. In her official message on the occasion of the upcoming CeBIT, Chancellor Merkel underscored the significance of the event: “Bit for bit, our economies, administrations and societies are changing. There is hardly a better place to experience the digital revolution than at the most important market of the digital world: at CeBIT.”

Chancellor Merkel also emphasized that “success is becoming more and more dependent on the ability to embrace new digital opportunities”, and that CeBIT’s chosen motto for 2016 “puts [this] in a nutshell: ‘d!conomy: join – create – succeed’.”

On the Tuesday of CeBIT 2016 (15 March), Chancellor Merkel will be touring the show for a first-hand look at the current state of the digital transformation and the myrid opportunities arising from it. She will be accompanied by the President of the Swiss Confederation, Johann Schneider-Ammann, who is attending in connection with Switzerland’s role as the official Partner Country of CeBIT 2016. As Merkel remarked: “Our neighboring country knows how to impress with precision technologies, and that also holds true for digital solutions.”

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