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Get more from Hysters innovative Fortens range

Hyster has extended its very successful range of Fortens™ trucks with the introduction of the new, higher capacity H4.0-5.5FT series.

Intended for applications where power and performance are paramount, it will enable a new group of users to get more from the features and benefits, which have already made the Fortens such a success in the forklift market, by offering configurations optimised to meet their specific application requirements.

For them, this means more high performance, increased uptime and enhanced ergonomics in a truck, which offers impressive productivity and reliability when operating with attachments.

Get the power you need, when you need it. Since it was introduced, the Fortens range of trucks has built a strong reputation for its dependability, ergonomics, low cost of ownership and serviceability. The operating benefits of its advanced DuraMatch™ transmissions have been especially acclaimed by the market.

Now Hyster has added a choice of new and more powerful state-of-the-art engines, in the new H4.0-5.5FT series. These are the Cummins 4B 4.5L diesel engine or the General Motors 4.3L LPG engine. Both come with a standard warranty of 2000 hours or 1 year, or an extended powertrain warranty of 4000 hours or two years.

Get the model that suits each application best
Each lift truck in the Fortens range is available as a Fortens, Fortens Advance or Fortens Advance+ model. Each configuration offers a product solution that can be tailored to the needs of specific customer applications.

The standard Fortens model has been designed to provide the lowest initial investment with maximum dependability and uptime; the Fortens Advance will achieve the lowest cost of operation and the Fortens Advance+ has been developed for optimum productivity. All configurations feature the Hyster DuraMatchTM – the most advanced electronic transmission in the world.

A key feature of the Fortens range, the DuraMatchTM transmission is electronically managed by the PacesetterTM Vehicle System Manager (VSM). The VSM controls many of the transmission features, such as Controlled Power Reversal, Automatic Deceleration System (ADS) and Controlled Roll-Back. This helps to reduce servicing and maintenance requirements for items such as tyres and brakes, and at the same time, makes operation of the truck easy for the driver, helping him to increase his productivity.

Get more from the Fortens Advance and Advance+
The Fortens Advance model incorporates the Duramatch™2 transmission, with 2-speed transmission. The first gear offers increasing drawbar bull for use on gradients; the second gear provides higher travel speeds and efficiency in appropriate applications with longer travel distances.

The Fortens Advance+ is fitted with the DuraMatch™ Plus2 transmission, which offers additional features to the DuraMatch™ & DuraMatch™2 transmissions, providing a solution for applications where maximum levels of productivity are the priority.

To provide the operator with maximum control of the truck, The Fortens Advance+ features a Throttle Response Management system, unique in this market, which allows the driver to manage the speed and progress of the truck by using the accelerator pedal and minimum use of the brake.

For example, a constant travel speed can be maintained on ramps and gradients, depending on the position of the driver's foot on the pedal. The rate at which the driver releases his foot off the pedal will determine the rate of deceleration (Extended ADS), and will also enable him to hold the truck on a gradient using the accelerator pedal.

The DuraMatch™ Plus2 transmission also features an Auto-Speed Hydraulics system, which is unique on a powershift transmission. This enables the driver to “throttle-up” and raise the mast, while still maintaining a constant travel speed. As the hoist lever is engaged, the VSM automatically increases engine revs to assist the mast raising action, enabling a more efficient and quicker duty-cycle to be achieved, and so increasing productivity.

Get safer loads and great versatility
An additional productivity bonus is the H4.0FT-5.5FT's ability to maintain its load bearing capability when fitted with different attachments.

Its high flow e-hydraulic system allows the truck's hydraulic flow to be matched to each attachment's function, facilitating optimal performance and maximum productivity. This Hyster-designed system eliminates the oversupply and overheating of hydraulic oil, both of which are major contributors to failures of attachments and hydraulic supply hoses.

Another unique Hyster feature called Return to Set Tilt (RTST), adjustable through the dash display, means that this is the only truck on the market, where the tilt can be set to allow a load, such as a paper roll, to be placed down squarely without damaging the edges. This reduces costly damage to the loads being moved.

What's more, the new H4.0-5.5FT series is also the first truck in the industry to have an integral weigh load system which can be calibrated with the attachment fitted, and is therefore capable of weighing the paper roll or any other load which is being handled. This is a key feature in enabling the operator to accurately assess the maximum weight for both the Fortens and other vehicles, reducing damage from overloading.

The new Hyster 4.0-5.5FT series offers special features which are only available on the Fortens range. With its increased power and overall ownership benefits the series is setting a new standard for trucks in this heavy industrial category.

A complete range of Hyster products is available exclusively through Barloworld in the UK. Users interested in finding out more should contact their nearest Barloworld branch, via Freephone 0800 298 1548

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