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Gilchrist design implementation and Twinings scoop packaging Silver Award

Gilchrist, a Sun Branding Solutions business brand, has picked up a prestigious Silver Award in the Food and Beverages category of this year’s Starpack Awards, following its work with leading tea brand Twinings.

The global branding and design implementation specialist, based in Bradford, has worked with Twinings for 6 years and won the award for its artwork on the tea brand’s innovative new Click Lock packaging, currently produced for the North American market.

Two years ago, Twinings decided to change the structure of its tea bag carton packaging as it’s structure was being compromised when handled by consumers. To re-enforce the premium positioning of its brand, an innovative new carton was created which featured a hinge lid with a ‘click lock’ closure. This allowed consumers to use the packaging for the life of the product without damaging its structure.

Care was taken to ensure that the new pack structure maintained Twinings’ heritage, whilst incorporating the new features of the pack within the design. Key elements in the artwork were repositioned to ensure that branding was maximised. What’s more, the aesthetic design of the pack was improved significantly as it allowed marketing messages to travel across both the top and front of the pack seamlessly, with no breaks in creative

Lisa Bale, Twinings Account Director at Gilchrist, added: "We are delighted to have won a Starpack Award for the work on Twinings’ new Click Lock packaging. It was an exciting and challenging project for us as key elements of the original design had to be maintained so that consumers recognised the product. New features were added to fit the re-developed carton. Overall, the new packaging greatly improves the functionality of the product, whilst Twinings’ traditional brand heritage and statement of quality have been enhanced."

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