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Giti Tire appoints Torsten Gehrmann to Senior Managing Director Europe

Giti Tire appoints Torsten Gehrmann to Senior Managing Director Europe

Giti Tire has announced that Torsten Gehrmann (45) has been appointed as Senior Managing Director – Europe.

Gehrmann will maintain his role as CEO of Giti Auto Parts Pte Ltd. Giti Auto and Giti Tire belong to the Giti Group which is headquartered in Singapore.

Gehrmann is an experienced international manager in the automotive business. After starting his career at Continental AG he joined Giti Tire as General Manager in 2009. In 2014 he became the Vice President for Europe and Asia to Dura Automotive Systems, and at the beginning of 2016 he became the CEO for Giti Auto.

With this announcement Giti Tire underscores its ambitions in the European tyre market and the move will ensure additional synergies in the strategic development of the company can be maximised.

Gehrmann said: “With our know-how and great global experience we will be able to generate new potential in the value chain. The next phase of the company’s European business operations have a very clear direction and strategy, these are very exciting times.”

The extension of the product portfolios in the passenger car, SUV, van, light truck (PCR), heavy truck and bus (TBR) sectors is one key element of Giti Tire’s European strategy.

Recently the company announced that the GT Radial TBR portfolio will be replaced by the flagship Giti brand by the end of 2017. In addition a targeted expansion of the PCR range, with particular focus on GT Radial, is in progression.

Stefan Fischer, Managing Director – Europe for Product Technology and R&D Centre Europe, added: “The European R&D Centre was opened three years ago and many of the GT Radial projects we instigated at that time have come to fruition. In this time many more developments have commenced, and these will continue to arrive and boost our profile in the European market.”

In addition the company has confirmed that Corrado Moglia is no longer part of Giti Tire. Gehrmann said: “We thank Corrado for the work he performed for the company.”

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