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Give your visitors a smooth ride

Potholes are the bane of motorists’ lives, with new research blaming them for damage on a third of vehicles, and with their numbers currently swelling now is the time for businesses to make sure visitors to their premises enjoy a smooth ride according to workplace equipment supplier Slingsby.

Last year’s notorious wet weather has resulted in a significant increase in the number of potholes throughout the UK and an AA survey out this week reveals that 30% of its members have suffered damage to their cars from potholes in the last two years.

Workplace equipment supplier Slingsby sells a full range of repair compounds that can be used to fill holes and cracks in car parks and roads and is currently experiencing increasing sales of these products as businesses and organisations begin repairing damage caused by the winter weather.

Lee Wright, Marketing Director at Slingsby, explains: "Millions of motorists across the country have their daily drives ruined by potholes and cyclists and motorcyclists risk serious injuries if they hit them. Plus there are always lots of potholes around at the end of winter. This is because water seeps into cracks before it freezes and expands which breaks up the tarmac. Vehicles travelling over the surface then make the problem worse.

"Potholes are bad enough on the roads but it’s even more annoying when you drive into a workplace’s car park and are greeted by the sharp jolt of hitting a pothole. Plus it’s definitely not the first impression that organisations want to be giving to visitors.

"Many people assume they need to call in a team of contractors to repair potholes but there are a wide range of hardwearing repair compounds available for well under £100 that can be used to repair potholes quickly and easily. In most cases these products are easy to use and set within a few hours which makes them ideal for car parks, walkways and roads on commercial premises."

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