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Gofers Logistics celebrates long service success with INK Publishing

Gofers has been expertly innovating solutions for INK Publishing’s delivery needs for over eight years. Currently handling the distribution of seven titles both nationally and internationally, it is able to provide a service that is both highly competitive on price but also with a strong sense of customer care.
Founded in 1993, INK is an international publishing house producing more in-flight magazines for more airlines than any other publisher in the world. INK boasts an extensive list of award winning titles including Voyager for BMI and Hotline for Virgin trains as well an audience of over 500million. With its head office in London and offices in New York, Atlanta, Hong Kong and Singapore, it is now listed as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.
INK produces 22 titles in the UK for national and international distribution. Ideally the printing company includes distribution into costings. However, from time to time distribution is excessively complicated or prohibitively expensive and so a reliable and trustworthy logistics firm is called upon to handle the distribution of 100’s of thousands of magazines. For the work INK does with airlines it is bound contractually to deliver magazines to aircraft by a certain date. This presents many challenges, from French or Italian strike actions to language issues on the ground.

For eight years Gofers Logistics has demonstrated its ability to take ownership of the logistics challenge, placing the client in the happy position of being able to just take it as read that the job will be done, without the worry. If INK need to make last minute changes or a shipment needs to be tracked, Gofers is able to respond in a quick and wholly satisfactory manner. Yolanda Acuna Ocana, Publishing account manager, INK Publishing says "There’s a sense of personal attention even though we know we’re probably by no means their biggest customer. Other logistic companies have approached us but we have to tell them that it would take something pretty major for us to consider them."
Ink Publishing has an established relationship with Gofers Logistics and considers it to be a totally reliable, trustworthy, efficient and flexible company that provides a great service. It has always been competitive, and with the confidence Gofers has instilled in INK, they have never needed to look for an alternative solution. GOfers delivers 100% effort and looks to find a solution, however great the challenge.

"INK Publishing has been using the services of GOfers Logistics Worldwide for over eight years, successfully delivering a large number of our titles, both within the UK and across Europe, meeting our strict deadlines. The high standard of service, and their efficient and friendly team, is the reasons that we have such a long and excellent relationship. Simon Leslie, Managing Director INK Publishing

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