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Good Energy launches online low carbon shop

Solar thermal system to be won in competition. Good Energy Limited (“Good Energy”), the UK's only electricity supplier to source and supply 100% renewable energy, is launching its online store – www.goodenergyshop.co.uk – on Monday September 1st.

The Good Energy shop will provide customers with everything they need to embark on a low carbon lifestyle at home and work. These include energy saving tips, advice, and products ranging from light bulbs and energy monitors, to carbon neutral hot tubs and microgeneration products such as solar thermal systems for hot water, solar PV panels, wind turbines, biomass generators, and lake and ground source heat pumps.

To celebrate the launch, Good Energy will give away a state of the art solar thermal installation worth £3,750 in a competition draw. To enter, or to view information on any of the products mentioned, visit the shop today at www.goodenergyshop.co.uk.

Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder of Good Energy said: “As our customer base has grown we have seen increasing demand for more than just renewable energy tariffs. Our customers want to take steps to actively reduce their environmental impact and need a trusted source for the products which will help them achieve that. The Good Energy Shop should be their first port of call to help them move toward a low-carbon lifestyle.”

Customers will not only be able to purchase technologies such as solar thermal panels or wind turbines from the Good Energy Shop, they can also generate their own electricity and sell it back to Good Energy via its Home Generation scheme.

Good Energy's Home Generation scheme pays microgenerators 9p per unit (1unit = 1 kWh) for all of the electricity they generate, including the units they use on site. Good Energy supports almost 400 Home Generation customers across the country – with 26 more off-grid.

Leading UK eco-architect Alex Michaelis uses solar PV panels to generate electricity for his home and car.

Michaelis said: “I selected Good Energy as it is the only company to offer a 100% renewable energy tariff to customers and provide a payback for renewable energy home generation.”

Michaelis joined Good Energy's Home Generation scheme earlier this year. The scheme pays him for every unit of electricity he produces, including the units he uses himself. This means that he is actually making money from his investment in renewable energy, saving his wallet and the planet.

Good Energy is the first and only 100% renewable electricity supplier in the UK. Unlike many other suppliers, Good Energy buys all of its electricity from renewables and uses no fossil fuels or nuclear power. By choosing 100% renewable electricity, individuals are cutting their personal carbon emissions and impact on Climate Change.

Over 25,000 homes and businesses across the UK have switched to Good Energy. The electricity supplied by Good Energy comes from over 400 independent renewable generators that use wind, small scale hydro, solar power and sustainable biomass to generate electricity.
Good Energy's customers are cutting their personal carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by an average of two tonnes per household. That's saving the equivalent emissions produced by driving 5,000 miles in a petrol car.

In an official report entitled “Reality or Rhetoric? Green Tariffs for Domestic Customers” from the National Consumer Council, Good Energy was rated the greenest energy supplier in the UK. The report states: “For those consumers who want a green electricity supply, pure and simple, this is probably the closest they will get to it.”

Good Energy annually exceeds its obligations in regards to ROC retirement; and maintains a unique position in the supplier industry by continuing to buy only renewable electricity – a major point of differentiation versus other players in the market. To compare the fuel mixes of the various different electricity suppliers, visit: www.electricityinfo.org/suppliers.php

Good Energy is owned by the Good Energy Group, an independent PLC which specialises in investing in renewable energy. Good Energy Group has in the region of 1700 shareholders, of which over 90% are customers of Good Energy.
Good Energy is the first electricity company to publish an independent audit of its renewable supply claims.
Join Good Energy today and reduce your carbon footprint by up to one third. Call 0845 456 1640 or sign up online at www.good-energy.co.uk

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