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Good Energy now supporting over 500 UK renewable generators

Good Energy is pleased to announce it is now working with over 500 independent renewable generators. Good Energy works with wind, wave, hydro, solar and bio-energy generators of all shapes and sizes, paying them for the energy they produce.

Good Energy's latest innovation in microgeneration is Good Energy HotROCs, the UK's first Renewable Heat Incentive that pays domestic solar generators money for the heat energy they produce.

“We are privileged to be working with so many of the UK's independent renewable generators”, said Juliet Davenport, Good Energy's Chief Executive. “As a small company, we are in a strong position to lead with innovation. With Good Energy's HomeGen and HotROC schemes this is exactly what we are doing.”

“It is thanks to our customers and generators who tell us the products they want and the support they need that allows us to stand with confidence as we drive innovation and push the political agenda for renewable energy in the UK.”

Over 450 homes and businesses have signed up to Good Energy's award winning HomeGen scheme. HomeGen pays people with microgenerators such as solar panels and micro wind turbines 10p for every unit of electricity generated including the units they use at home. Good Energy considers itself an expert in supporting domestic microgenerators and according to research* completed by the company, the HomeGen scheme offers the best reward offered by any electricity supplier.

Over 50 generators, ranging from 10kW to nearly 10MW are contracted to supply 100% renewable electricity to Good Energy's 25,000. These generators include Roots and Shoots, a London based charity with a 12.5kW solar PV system and Good Energy's Delabole Repower project – the 9MW redevelopment of the UK's first commercial wind farm which will more than double the output from the site.

Good Energy is the only 100% renewable electricity supplier in the UK. Unlike many other suppliers, Good Energy buys all of its electricity from renewables and uses no fossil fuels or nuclear power. By choosing 100% renewable electricity, individuals are cutting their personal carbon emissions and impact on Climate Change.

Over 25,000 homes and businesses across the UK have switched to Good Energy. The electricity supplied by Good Energy comes from over 500 independent renewable generators that use wind, small scale hydro, solar power and sustainable biomass to generate electricity.

Good Energy's customers are cutting their personal carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by an average of two tonnes per household. That's saving the equivalent emissions produced by driving 5,000 miles in a petrol car.
In an official report entitled “Reality or Rhetoric? Green Tariffs for Domestic Customers” from the National Consumer Council, Good Energy was rated the greenest energy supplier in the UK. The report states: “For those consumers who want a green electricity supply, pure and simple, this is probably the closest they will get to it.”

Good Energy is owned by the Good Energy Group, an independent PLC which specialises in investing in renewable energy. Good Energy Group has in the region of 1700 shareholders, of which over 90% are customers of Good Energy.
Good Energy is the first electricity company to publish an independent audit of its renewable supply claims.

Join Good Energy today and reduce your carbon footprint by up to one third. Call 0845 456 1640 or sign up online at www.good-energy.co.uk
Buy your microgeneration products and energy efficient goods online at Good Energy Shop – www.goodenergyshop.co.uk

* Good Energy completed its microgeneration payment competitive analysis in October 2008. For a typical 2kWp domestic solar PV installation the annual payment from Good Energy is £170.

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