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Good tyre management costs less than downtime

As the earthmover tyre market starts to tighten again with shortages in both
raw rubber and certain tyre sizes, good tyre management – not just any tyre
management – is becoming a vital element of earthmover fleet operations.

The last tyre shortage period coupled with the recent construction industry
downturn saw those earthmover vehicle operators still working focus on low
cost, short term tyre solutions – just to keep their vehicles moving. Low cost
imports and ‘part worns’ became the replacements as larger operators looked
for longer term, cost effective solutions.

"Getting the most from the tyres on the vehicle starts long before the tyres are
fitted", said OTR Tyres’ UK Managing Director Darren Flint. "Our
TotalTyreLogic management service starts onsite, in the working environment
where we assess not only the haul road conditions but also operator practices, loads and loading, service intervals and more. We can then accurately recommend suitable tyres for each operation".

Once fitted, the tyres then have to be managed effectively – which is much
more than just a tyre pressure check. The OTR tyre management service is a
truly ‘cradle to grave’ service – from when the tyre is fitted to its final disposal.

Every movement of the tyre, to and from a vehicle, is monitored so that at all
times the customer is aware of the life and performance of his fleet tyres.
"OTR’s objectives are simple – to maximise tyre performance and minimise
vehicle downtime, which is more expensive than good tyre management",
commented Darren, "our inspectors monitor the performance of the tyre; the
data is recorded and is visible to the customer. Our recommendations are
based on that data – and our experience".

Increasing tyre life and reducing downtime has several facets – tyre repairs,
before they become terminal, tyre rotation and, of course, removal and
retreading whilst the tyre casing still has ‘life’ are vital. OTR have a unique tyre retread manufacturing plant near Alfreton, Derbyshire, where they retread up
to 57" tyres with the traditional ‘smooth and groove’ process.
But OTR also have the latest remould manufacturing facilities, producing the
OTR ReMould tyre in different tread patterns to 49" where both the
appearance and integrity of the tyre replicate a new tyre.
"A comprehensive tyre management service – TotalTyreLogic – should be an
integral part of every new tyre purchase – you know it makes sense"
concluded Darren.

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